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6 out of 6 people found the following review helpful
  This eraser is the best..., March 9, 2011
This eraser is the best eraser ever. The pics don't give the eraser justice. It takes so little effort to erase with the pilot foam eraser. I would recommend getting two because you want to have an extra in case it runs out.
6 out of 6 people found the following review helpful
  Fabulous eraser! I love..., March 9, 2011
Fabulous eraser! I love that the shavings clump up and that I do not have a ton of tiny shavings on my paper to constantly blow off.
5 out of 6 people found the following review helpful
  Overall, I liked this..., May 15, 2011
Overall, I liked this eraser, but be sure to cut down the holder and erase with little pressure. The cardboard holder cut into mine and caused it to fall apart in chunks. Then as I would erase more pieces would just randomly crack off, even after I cut the holder. Anyways, the clumping works well but still too many pieces for me personally, and the erasers ability to actually erase is great. I reccomend this eraser, but I have been having a much more enjoyable exprence with the BOXY. :)
6 out of 8 people found the following review helpful
  I bought this before..., May 29, 2008
I bought this before elsewhere because foam erasers are at the top of the food chain. Much to my delight, after using it I dub it "the best eraser in the world". It stole Tombow's place which is now number 2. Good to see it finally here.
4 out of 6 people found the following review helpful
  This eraser is a complete..., June 8, 2011
This eraser is a complete must for anyone.
The good:
- erases anything, well except pen and sharpie obviously
- shavings bunch up in big bunches not small insignificant powdered bits
- big enough to hold and erase comfortably

the bad:
- eraser itself cracks and crumbles easily due to nature of eraser
- eraser gets used up faster than other erasers
  Amazing eraser. Nothing..., April 1, 2014
Amazing eraser. Nothing else to say
  This is one of the best..., December 23, 2013
By curlya
This is one of the best erasers I have ever used. No joke. A week after I bought my first eraser I went back and ordered a second because I knew this was an eraser I'll be using for a long time.
I don't have any problem with the crumbling so far and this eraser lasts a long time for me too. I have been using the same eraser for over four months and so far I am still not even half way done with it.
Over all I would SO recommend this! Almost my friends that draw love it and if they don't they prefer the BOXY, I would buy both and try them out... It's really just personal preference.
  I love this eraser, it..., December 11, 2013
I love this eraser, it works perfectly. But I don't know if I just erase a lot or what, but it wears down quickly.
  Best eraser ever! I used..., August 28, 2013
By spi...
Best eraser ever! I used to love using the Staedtlr Mars Plastic eraser, but after buying the Pilot Foam eraser, I have a new favorite. It's great for art and writing. The eraser really does clump up, so there's not much mess to clean up like other erasers. It's great. I definitely recommend this eraser.
  I gotta say, pretty flipping..., July 16, 2013
I gotta say, pretty flipping good eraser. It is non-abrasive, but it's not as smooth and smeary as Staedtler's Mars erasers. I'm a manga artist and I swear by using smooth Bristol board as my drawing medium because it's thick and durable. the problem with Staedtler Mars is that while it works wonders on normal copy paper and notebooks (which are slightly rough) the bristol is too smooth so the graphite gets smeared on the page. This eraser, however, is just grippy enough to get every last bit of graphite out of the paper while causing no damage to it. I had mine for almost a year, I think and it was great, but the problem I had with it was that it eventually disintegrated, and the large parts I held onto absorbed every bit of dye and graphite that laid around. because this eraser is designed to break down when it absorbs something, this made the eraser even more crumbly and brittle, and it erased less and less. I threw it away because it eventually got to the point where it created more problems than it erased. Don't get me wrong. I think this is a great eraser, a fantastic eraser, one of if not the best I have ever used, but I have to give it a four because it is fragile.
  great eraser, but just..., May 8, 2013
By me
great eraser, but just like the black boxy, it will melt plastics within a few days if stored next to plastic items in your case...
  Excellent! Does exactly..., January 23, 2013
Excellent! Does exactly what it claims - sticks to itself and makes a tidy little ball of used eraser rather than eraser dust everywhere. Erases thoroughly and quickly and does not smudge. I would love if this came in a stick eraser (similar to those blue Pentel Clic Erasers)
  it is a lot bigger than..., November 17, 2012
By eri...
it is a lot bigger than it seems, and its very good at erasing, but it runs out quickly. it is harder than the boxy and feels a little "scratchy" on the paper.
  FABULOUS eraser. True..., November 13, 2012
FABULOUS eraser.

True to its word, all the shavings clump up into big chunks that are easy to clean off. There is virtually no dust at all. I found myself trying to get the biggest shaving clump possible!

Be careful with picking up the clumps. They stay together, but if you squeeze a bit too hard, the bits break apart. However, you can roll them back together. The eraser erases very cleanly and can self-clean by erasing on blank paper or your finger. It seems to clump together no matter how much graphite is on the eraser. The eraser tends to run out a bit faster than other erasers, but it's just so inexpensive that I buy multiple erasers to have on hand!

This is a great eraser that erases with ease and little pressure. It's very clean. It doesn't fall apart (the box doesn't cut into the eraser). This may be the only full-size eraser I'll ever use again; it's just an amazing eraser!
  I followed the advice..., November 1, 2012
I followed the advice of a previous review and made sure to take off the cardboard before use. It's worked wonderfully and I've gone through at least one so far, maybe two, and I got extras to make sure I wasn't ever caught without one.
  this is an awesome eraser..., September 9, 2012
this is an awesome eraser it like erases everything and its also good for making putty.
  I recently stocked up..., August 21, 2012
By bab...
I recently stocked up on these erasers after trying it. It's my go-to eraser when I'm taking an exam. Clean erase and doesn't tear the paper. Only thing that can be a little annoying is that I leave behind a huge pile of eraser shavings/crumbs; which doesn't bother me when I'm at school but can be a pain cleaning up when I'm at home. Other than that, great eraser. Obviously since it leaves so many crumbs, it doesn't last as long.
  This is sincerely the..., August 13, 2012
By ale...
This is sincerely the best and most effective eraser I have ever used, and I have used many. One
  This has to be one of..., March 13, 2012
By ri8...
This has to be one of the best erasers I have ever used. In my opinion, it beats Pentel, Staedtler, Uni, and Tombow erasers. I gave one to a friend, and she loves this eraser. According to her, anything drawn or written in pencil "just vanishes". I use this eraser for erasing excess pencil marks when I'm drafting, so now I no longer use Staedtler erasers. Any multiviews and blueprints look very clean when I use this eraser since it hardly smears. Spend a few extra cents per eraser and see what this eraser is capable of. Buy plenty of them since they wear quickly.
  this is my favorite eraser!..., March 11, 2012
By sau...
this is my favorite eraser! I use it in all of my writeing classes its a must , plus its great for all my art classes , i already used up one of them its great
  this is a very good eraser...., February 29, 2012
By o0f...
this is a very good eraser. is the best eraser I have ever purchased. but it wears out pretty fast.
  This thing is awesome...., November 8, 2011
By lil...
This thing is awesome. It erases VERY cleanly with super minimal effort and the shavings really do clump up nicely without getting in the way. This is easily my new favorite eraser for how it feels and how easily and thoroughly it erases. It isn't as small as everyone is making it out to be - I'd call it a smallish medium. I haven't had any trouble with crumbling - I feel like maybe some reviewers are pressing too hard. It really erases very well with minimal pressure because of its softness, so I use less pressure with it than I do with my other erasers and I get better results with this one. (To be fair, I'm using it on regular smooth paper, not textured artist's paper.)

In short, buy it. It will find a useful place in your pencil bag.
  This is my favorite eraser...., October 28, 2011
This is my favorite eraser. Yes, it does go fast, but it definitely is worth it. I like that all the little shavings stick together. I'm on my second one and bought one for my younger sister. One day, she came home from school with a big ball of all the eraser shavings she had from the entire day! It definitely works exactly as described.
  The best eraser I've..., August 25, 2011
By skormi
The best eraser I've ever had.

It only takes a few rubs to completely erase something, and the little pieces clump into a big strand that is easily disposed of.
It doesn't use up too fast, but then again I usually use my pencil's eraser unless its a bigger spot or something that it can't fully erase.
This eraser is verrryyy soft though, and I haven't actually tried to break it but I'm sure if you put just a little bit too much force on it it would break in half...

Anyways, definitely awesome, I would recommend this eraser to any artist or anyone who just needs an eraser.
  I love this eraser to..., February 4, 2011
By gel...
I love this eraser to death. One of the best erasers ever. My old eraser got dirty and ruined my work, while this one, cleans Very nicely and takes little effort.
If your a Comic artist,or any artist in general, I suggest this eraser.

I'm buying like 10 more
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