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  I don't know if I got..., January 13, 2011
By B.mei
I don't know if I got a bad product, but this eraser creates eraser bits too and its pretty annoying.
  This is a great eraser..., August 28, 2010
By sugoii
This is a great eraser for general writing clean-up - the gumming of the eraser is really neat. Not good for really soft leads used in sketching (3B+) due to smears, but I think this was intended for writing, really.
  This is a cool eraser...., May 30, 2010
By gol...
This is a cool eraser. It wears down at a slow rate, but the clumping is extremely cool!! If you want this, just buy two so that you won't have to order one later.
  I love this eraser! Cleans..., December 15, 2009
I love this eraser! Cleans very well - although it does take some strength on the harder marks, but otherwise very good. Someone stole mine the other day, so I guess I have to buy 12 more.
  this is genuinely the..., November 22, 2009
this is genuinely the best eraser. i second to that it wears out quite fast, but as a non-power-user, i kind of like my stationery supplies visibly diminishing. i wonder what the fancy japanese-captioned schematic on the back of the sleeve means.
  This is a great product...., October 7, 2009
This is a great product. It's light weight, and Erases very clean. I also like how it creates chains instead of dust.
  Great eraser! This is..., May 27, 2009
By nykahl
Great eraser! This is the one I grab about 90% of the time. The only troubles I have had are related to erasing hand changes made to drawings at work:
1) the clumped up erasure bits tend to form into a strand, and that strand can slightly erase whatever it hits while moving... an eraser shield fixes this though
2) one of our plotters uses a unique type of paper that has a powdery feel to the surface... the Pilot Foam Eraser smears all over it, and ruins the sheet, so be careful!!!
For drafting work I go to the trusted steadtler, but for everything else, this is the perfect eraser.
  This eraser outperforms..., October 12, 2008
This eraser outperforms all the others. As some reviewers have mentioned, it does wear down somewhat quickly, but the performance is worthwhile. I regularly use a Pilot Foam for multiple choice test taking, and it will erase a bubble sheet with no damage to the paper and no graphite left behind. The eraser dust clumps together as advertised, allowing for a clean and tidy work area. Definitely a must have!
  oops, not food chain...., July 17, 2008
oops, not food chain. Eraser chain? You get what I mean.
  Works very well as advertised,..., July 7, 2008
Works very well as advertised, but it also wears down fast. Order a bunch and happy erasing!
  This eraser is definately..., June 23, 2008
This eraser is definately on top of my art eraser list! I got this from this site on Friday and I love it! Foam erasers forever!!
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  honestly i hate pencils..., August 17, 2010
By melony
honestly i hate pencils that clump up they stick to your shirt and makes it impossible to erase!
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