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April 1, 2015
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I absolutely LOVE this...
March 1, 2014
I absolutely LOVE this pen. the .5 is the perfect size for me and they come in a ton of colors that you can choose from. this is great for me since I am a freshman and I am extremely OCD when it comes to taking notes, because i always color code everything. The erasable ink is also great because now, I don't need to pull out my white out and wait for it to dry. I also love the fact that it is retractable because I use to have the original pilot frixion US version and the cap is really annoying since i usually put the cap on the top of my pen when i write, and I cant get to my eraser when i make a mistake. And last but not least, for everyone who is going to buy any pilot frixion pens, please dont leave it in a hot place, cause your writing will be gone. If it does happen, then simply pop it in your freezer, or a really cold place and it should make the ink reappear. The only difference between my pen and the one in the picture is that the eraser of mine is clear, not green.
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