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The ultimate puzzle pals! T...
July 30, 2012
The ultimate puzzle pals!

These caught my attention immediately when I first saw them on a store rack. I couldn't resist. As it turns out, this was one impulse purchase that totally payed off in spades. I could not be more impressed by these. Through the simple expedient of not actually coming off the paper but rather just turning clear through friction, these pens have all the benefits of a gel ink pen while also being, by far, the greatest "erasable ink" pens I've ever used, the ink "disappearing" completely. Their design is absolutely genius, and they work far better than I would have even imagined.

As an avid puzzle solver, the ideal erasable ink pen had been an elusive Holy Grail for decades: we needed something that writes boldly on shoddy paper, but can be erased completely and without smudging. We now have the nonpareil. Since the ink never actually comes up off the paper, there is no need whatsoever for the "eraser" to dig into the paper to try (and usually fail) to get the ink off. These are officially a game changer, and I recommend them without reservation.
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these are the best pens...
October 27, 2008
these are the best pens i've ever used. they are cool for magic like freeze back and flame away. its cool that the eraser never goes away and i think they should make yellow and brown.
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I love these pens; my...
July 5, 2013
I love these pens; my favorite is the black one; I am able to use them at school in lab and they are acceptable; they write and look like a pen and only difference from other pens is that they are easily eraseable and presto. Black is my favorite with the 0.7 mm; the finer ones are not impressive though e.g., 0.5. (writing looks grey and appears like a "pencil" marking.)
I bought these pens in...
August 16, 2009
I bought these pens in a North American drug store. I was excited to use them since they received such good reviews. However, I was disappointed. They dried much like a charcoal color not a nice black that pens such as the G-2 gel pens produce. I also noticed an inconsistency in the ink flow. Also, when I erased the paper turned out to be wrinkled creating an unattractive appearance. This was due to the amount of effort I had to use in order to get the pen completely off the paper. I regret purchasing these. But also, to readers, I am a pen snob. These are decent pens for those who are a little more flexible in quality. I would HIGHLY recommend the newer model of these that is available on the website C:
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