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Hello, and a wonderfull...
December 5, 2008
Verified Purchase
Hello, and a wonderfull (whatever daytime you might be reading this....)

After the first month with this pen and two emptied cartridges, I can say....

Although I own all the "simpler" ones in all the colours, this one shines a dozen times better.
The inks and tips are the same, as well as the "erasing", effect.

The very thin, especially in comparison to the normal Frixion pens, body of this pen is balanced really good, and fits smootly inside the fingers holding it.


The front part, which I could not clearly guess from the photos here, is translucent / transparent, so, if you change the cartridge for a different colour, you can always clearly say which colour you have inside the pen before writing. Sure, you can tell not, whiole the cap is on, but does it really matter?

It is made out of a plastic with a "rubber feel", so even if it looks very "slicky and smooth", it does not slip of the fingers easily, even without a visible profile it lies safely into your hands for writing and drawing purposes.

Great feeling, really.

THE BARREL:------------------

A good, solid feeling delivered by the Aluminium body, which balances the pen and is hardly wider than your all day pencil. slim, elegant and a good solid feeling with a cool surface, what more can you ask for.

THE TIP / INK:-----------------

Although I prefer the Ink delivered by Pentels BK70s series, this is the second best gel-ink I have found to date and the only erasable, too.
Give it a try, it is awesome.

But do not try to erase directly after writing, if you made a mistake, let the ink dry for a second before "erasing" it. It is not really erased, after all, it just dissapears at 65 Degrees Celsius. (and returns at 10 Degrees below Zero).

THE ERASER:--------------------------

The black eraser from these Frixion BIZ even is better than the one from the normal ones, never had a smear with it, not on normal copy paper not in my notebooks, not on my arits papers for technical drawings or aquarell papers.

Worth the money? OH YES!
The very close to perfect gel-based ink pen!
I used the Frixions before, but now I am not leaving home without the Biz from JetPens on my side.
Althoug I like another pens ink a lil' more, this is the one I use now the most.
Thanks a lot, JetPens! ^_^

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This is my second silver...
March 30, 2011
Verified Purchase
This is my second silver pen the first one was all bent when I got it. Good pen I use it for my planner. I bought different color ink refills and just switch them out when I want to use a different color. Erases perfectly. The pen body is very thin with absolutely no grip, which I wish it did have. Still it's comfortable to write with. Just a hair thicker than the Slicci pens.
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Low quality and skips...
May 4, 2016
Verified Purchase
Low quality and skips too much! Would never buy it again!
I have owned several...
February 12, 2016
Verified Purchase
I have owned several models of Frixion pens over the past few years including two of these pens in silver. Overall I have found these to be good pens which serve multiple purposes. As others have noted, the black is not actually black but more of a dark gray. I have found that the darkest color is blue-black and I use .7 refills. If Frixion pens are not used on a regular basis the ink tends to dry out. But the ink will usually start flowing again if you take the time to "doodle" on a piece of fairly soft paper for at times several minutes. I wished that this pen came in a stylus option for use with smartphones and tablets. I was scrolling through Fahrneys Pens website www.fahrneyspens.com and discovered they have Cross Tech 3 Plus Pen Stylus Attachment in multiple colors including Satin Chrome which is almost an identical match to this silver pen. I took a chance and ordered one, and using a 2-part epoxy attached it to the end of this Frixion pen's cap. It is almost a perfect fit and looks like it was always part of the pen. I did have to use a nail file to do some minor "adjusting" to the black plastic plug on the pen cap to get a perfect fit but it was a simple process. I now have a Frixion stylus pen.
Very light and thin but...
June 27, 2015
Very light and thin but still well balanced. I would prefer a matte finish on the housing for the tip (only visible with cap off) however I would deduct only half a star for this.
Love this pen - classy...
December 8, 2014
Verified Purchase
Love this pen - classy looking pen for when you still want something erasable.
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