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  1. It's 0.7mm, but it..., February 24, 2012
1. It's 0.7mm, but it writes thicker than my 7mm pilots.

2. the colors aren't solid enough. for example, the black looks gray.

3. the inks aren't even. if drawn a line, some parts will be darker than the other (more ink) especially near endings.

4. the ink takes a while to dry, so can be easily smudged.

5. don't erase THAT well and not comfy grip/design. -- not worth $2.15

6. no matter how long u wait. IT SMUDGE pencil, inks, etc. SAD...

I bought:
purplish red- ugly color...
dark green- best erase and nice color. but VERY unevenly ink distrub.
tawny brown--very sad reddish/coco brown... worst erase
tea brown- roller ball is bad? i can see there's whites in between each line when writing with it.
black--light black/dark gray...
ultramarine blue-- best color but doesn't erase too well like black and tawny brown.
purple- same as tea brown

very disappointed. but 1 star for my favorite brand pilot. 1 star for erasable.
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  Probably my favorite..., September 18, 2010
Probably my favorite color I bought, a close second to ultramarine. Writes so smoothly and erases so easily. And the weight and feel of the pen is nice and familiar like a pencil in your hand.
  I just made my first..., August 27, 2009
I just made my first JetPens order and I’m loving all the pens I just got. This one is great. It writes like “butta on a hot roll”. So far, it’s smooth as silk. It actually erases too, unlike the stick pens with the hard eraser on the top that “pretends” to erase. I recommend this pen to anyone who enjoys writing anything!
  Having worked my way..., July 20, 2009
Having worked my way through my first eight of these pens I have just reordered a baker's dozen more. Writing with them is a dream. They virtually float across the paper with beautiful color of which my favorites are purplish-red and ultramarine. Erasing is effortless and pristine although there is a bit of rubbery remains which are easily brushed off with a flick of the hand. This is gel ink writing as it was meant to be. Try it, you'll like it.
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  I love these pens, but..., March 30, 2011
By kar...
I love these pens, but this color is so ugly. It's like a purplish-brown. Seriously hate it.
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  *LOVE my FRIXION pens..., January 24, 2011
By toosde
*LOVE my FRIXION pens _3