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I just got my pens today!...
December 16, 2008
Verified Purchase
I just got my pens today! yayy! Okay so after using them for a full hour and a half, erasing, and writing I have found out that this is the most reliable erasable pen ever!!! my planner paper is from franklin covey so it is very thin, all of my erasable pens have ripped right through it so I have only been able to use pencil in my planner. Well... let's just say that I now have lots and lots of pen writing in my planner now!
okay now here is my review:

although there is no eraser on the can you don't need to have the cap on the end because it is a very well balanced pen! although it is a bit of a drawback I have already gotten used to it!

The grip on this pen is very nice. not too squishy and not too hard. In my hour and a half of writing with them, my hand does not hurt one bit! so that is a very very big upside to this pen.

the design on this pen is very artistic. beautiful, yet still can pass as an elegant pen suitable for a work enviroment.

the flow of ink on this pen is very very good! it does not get goopy leaving dots at the beggining and ends of letters, and the ink flow is nice. so far it has not stopped once!

there is just one word for this: awesome!!!! it doesn't even leave a trace that the ink was left there, and will save me soooo much money in the future for buying erasers!

in all i would recommend this pen to everyoneee! except my enemies, cuz why would i want them to have such an awesome pen?? 5 stars jetpens!
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I have owned these pens...
November 11, 2010
I have owned these pens for over 5 years and I absolutely love them. I am an accounting manager and these are the only pens I use when doing my books (the company I work for does books the old-fashion way - no computers). I have found that when there is a little residue after erasing, if I take a regular pencil-type eraser (I use an eraser stick), and go over it, it pretty much gets rid of any marks.
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yes............it does...
October 25, 2009
yes............it does crinkle a bit. I find the smallest amount on residue on my paper, but that doesnt really bother me. I sweep all my eraser residue off my desk for my mum to vacuum~lol
Well, they do disappear quite fast. Half my notebooks are blank.......but i guess nothings perfect. Yet this is the pen that is closest to perfection. (in my opinion anyway)
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Bought as a gift; glad...
March 19, 2015
Verified Purchase
Bought as a gift; glad I thought of it the gift was very well received.
Really great pens! Definitely...
February 10, 2015
Verified Purchase
Really great pens! Definitely recommend!
Awesome Pens. Would...
January 19, 2015
Verified Purchase
Awesome Pens. Would be 5 stars if the eraser was on the cap instead of the back of the pen. Annoying to keep forgetting and having to remove the cap to erase.
Great pros and bad cons...
November 14, 2011
Verified Purchase
Great pros and bad cons to these pens.

Everyone admires how I can erase pen, they love it!!

However, the plastic on these pens is VERY breakable, crackable. I've gone through most of my set just in normal use. If you screw the pen together after refilling it just a bit too hard, break. If you push down on the cap a bit too hard, break. These pens are far too expensive to keep breaking like they do.

Another con is that the ink gets used very quickly, seems much more quickly than normal pens.

So, if you go VERY gently on these pens, you will love them. Just buy refills from the beginning so you don't run out of the ink and you'll be fine.
when i erase marks made...
August 9, 2009
Verified Purchase
when i erase marks made by these pens with the rubber eraser on the end i still get some eraser/ink residue. (it looks just like regular eraser residue except in a much smaller quantity) the paper also crinkles underneath. am i using these pens incorrectly or putting too much pressure when erasing?
I found these pens in...
May 9, 2008
I found these pens in a local discount store and the people I work with have gone crazy for them. We can't find enought of them. Their technology is amazing. Erasing completely with no impact to the paper and nothing left to brush into the trash. And even more amazing, they write very very well. Smooth as silk. Sure Wish Pilot would push out all colors to all locations.
I absolutely love having...
April 30, 2008
I absolutely love having an erasable pen - and these are *truly* some of the best ever. The ink erases completely, leaves no signs or colored smudging, and doesn't wear through or scratch the paper. The ink is very smooth - it doesn't leave dots where you've paused on the paper, like when you begin or end a letter...
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