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  I like these pens with..., November 14, 2011
I like these pens with erasable ink and in playing with them my kids and I discovered a few interesting things. When you rub the ink it heats up and "disappears". In reality, the ink turns white. If you try this on dark paper (black, for instance) the text will show up white after you erase it.

If you heat up your writing in some other way, say, by leaving it in a hot car or holding the paper up against a hot light bulb, it will also disappear. So, don't leave any important notes in your car in the sun. But, if you want your notes back, you can put the paper in the freezer. After a while your text will be back again, albeit not quite as dark as before.

My experiences were from about 2 years ago. It may be that the inks have improved. So beware, if the permanence of what you write is important to you, don't use this pen. Be weary of diplomats you hand it to you to sign treaties and that sort of thing :-)
  The ink is not black,..., April 28, 2013
By roqz
The ink is not black, is gray, and a bit light at that, almost like a #2 pencil, so it beats the purpose of needing an erasable pen. If it were darker (a lot more!), it would be great. In other colors the concept works great.

Also, for being a 0.5mm, the lines are more like 0.7mm. So, this pen is in my opinion a Gray 0.7mm Pen. Or a liquid #2 HB.
  The Frixion erasable..., September 1, 2012
The Frixion erasable pens have been favorites of mine for several months now. I was a bit disappointed that this pen does not have the needle-like tip that the .3mm pen has (just a regular pen tip), but this pen writes so smoothly and erases so cleanly I still love it! It definitely writes in dark grey, not black, like most erasable "black" pens. It's still a very dark color and does not bother me one bit, just know what to expect when you get this pen!
  I love my FriXion pen..., July 23, 2012
I love my FriXion pen and use it all the time for crafting. The black marks easily on my fabrics and then erases away when ironed. It does exactly what it should without a fuss.
  I really love this pen,..., December 23, 2010
I really love this pen, the only thing I don't like about it, is that it is a little too light for my taste.

It writes really smooth, though it does take about 2 seconds to get the flow going, after that it is pretty amazing from there.

I would recommend this pen to anyone who loves the idea of erasing ink :)
  I use this pen for taking..., October 19, 2010
By cai...
I use this pen for taking class notes, and I love it for that purpose. I really do love to write in pen but am often times forced to write in pencil due to the nature of my classes, so this pen is a winner for me. It erases completely and although the ink is not very dark, that also means it does not bleed or go through the paper. I will be using these pens far into the future!
  This is the most awesome..., September 15, 2010
This is the most awesome erasable pen ever made!
  I have this pen in black..., March 31, 2010
By qrv...
I have this pen in black and like it well enough, I do not find that the ink erases *completely*, however, so YMMV. I did not have trouble with it for small areas, but erasing a full word or something still gives me a shadow. I still use it and will buy more of them.
  Great pen! But .. it..., March 11, 2010
Great pen! But ..

it is not black enough
it breaks quite easily, don't drop them on the floor!
  I was skeptical at first......, November 22, 2009
I was skeptical at first... but this thing really does work. it does exactly what it claims to do. if you are writing on a soft paper, maybe you will see imprints .. or bit of tear on the paper, but normal paper usage works just fine.
  I absolutely love these..., March 10, 2009
I absolutely love these pens! I was skeptical when I first bought a set because erasable pens don't usually have a very good track record. However, I was very impressed once I started using it. I tend to make quite a few mistakes when I write because I write faster than I think, so this is perfect for me.

My only issue with them though is that they don't seem to last very long. I write /a lot/ and the pen only lasted about a week. I think that translated into about 15 notebook pages, give or take. Of course, I think they are totally worth the extra cash for replacements.
  These pens erase beautifully...., June 30, 2008
These pens erase beautifully. The ink color is somewhat light (the black actually looks a bit more like pencil than gel ink) but it doesn't have the gooey, sticky consistency that erasable ink pens have had up to now. If you need to erase, it's best until the writing is dry. I have done it immediately after writing a mistake and the ink smudged, becoming a bit difficult to erase completely. But that's a minor detail. These are definitely worth the price.
  Let me just say that..., June 6, 2008
Let me just say that I LOVE this pen. It's a perfect substitute for a pencil and the ink erases clearly. I read the description on the item and I noticed it said the ink was heat sensitive, so I tested some writing against a light bulb and sure enough the ink disappeared. However, this was only when the writing came in direct contact with the bulb, so I don't think I have to worry. Also you can erase the ink with any other kind of eraser because the friction will generate heat anyway.

But all in all I love this pen!
  Awesome pen. It erases..., March 20, 2008
Awesome pen. It erases easy, fast, and cleanly.

Although if you write small I do not recommend it. I write small, so I cannot use it as my main writing utensil, then again 0.5 isn't for small writing. Overall it is great.
  Wow, it does exactly..., March 17, 2008
Wow, it does exactly what it claims to. This has definitely become my only pen/pencil. It's eraser never runs out, and it writes cleaner and faster than a pencil, no need to constantly adjust lead length ... but you already know all this. This is like the greatest thing since sliced bread.
  This is a very good pen..., March 7, 2008
This is a very good pen when it comes to making a mistake. All you have to do flip the pen over and start erasing. It erases completely. The only thing that I don't like about this pen is the rubber end. Some times when I'm not putting too much pressure in erasing, the rubber end kind of shards :( (sorry if miss spelled). It depends on how you rub the rubber end if it will shard or not. If it does shard, it won't shard that much. Some time, can't even notice. So it shards a little when not put pressure, so put pressure if it was like a regular eraser. BUT OVER ALL THIS IS A VERY GOOD ERASABLE GEL PEN. :) :D
1 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  Не самая удобная..., May 6, 2012
Не самая удобная ручка только исключительно из-за цвета чернил. Так, например, чёрный вообще не насыщенный, ощущение, что в стержне уже заканчиваются чернила и шарик начнает царапать бумагу. Вобщем, не рекомендую.