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this has to be one of...
June 14, 2012
Verified Purchase
this has to be one of the best pens ive written with. the ink flow is good and it vanishes almost magically. pen is comfortable to hold, and grip is nice. reccomended.
I really love this pen,...
December 23, 2010
Verified Purchase
I really love this pen, the only thing I don't like about it, is that it is a little too light for my taste. It is darker than the black which I am pretty satisfied with.

It writes really smooth, though it does take about 2 seconds to get the flow going, after that it is pretty amazing from there.

I would recommend this pen to anyone who loves the idea of erasing ink :)
Loved the pen when it...
August 24, 2010
Loved the pen when it worked....
It clogged after 1 week of very light use.
Never again.
This one is my favorite...
December 31, 2009
This one is my favorite pen. It's the only kind I've seen that erases completely. Sometimes there's a bit of a smudge if you try to erase something immediately after you write it, but wait a couple of seconds and it'll be good. The only thing I dislike is the eraser being on the back of the pen instead of the cap. Also, kind of annoying having to remember to not leave it in the car in hot weather, but that's partly because where I live is hot about 9 months of the year _._
You also SHOULD NOT leave...
December 14, 2008
You also SHOULD NOT leave it outside! Trust me.
Erases pretty well, but...
March 10, 2008
Verified Purchase
Erases pretty well, but the ink looks washed out
I find that not only...
May 20, 2009
I find that not only does the ink look washed out when I use these, but the ink gets clogged and the pen skips or stops writing altogether. Not so great and I won't buy anymore!
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