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I am amazed at the ability...
April 30, 2016
Verified Purchase
I am amazed at the ability to erase the ink form the Pilot Frixion line. I showed this to many of my friends and each was stunned at the results for a gel rollerball pen. Not ideal for very thin (onion skin, Hobonichi Techo) paper. Ink doesn't bleed through, but erasing is more perilous on super-thin paper—you have to build up a fair bit of friction. It's doable, but you do have to be careful. Color skips a little, but I find that on many gel pens (I prefer fountain pens, but wanted to try out the Frixion line). Based on my experience with this pen, I'll definitely try others in the Frixion line to find what works for me.
I really want to like...
March 1, 2011
I really want to like this line of pens; but can't say I do. To me, as other reviewers said, line is too scratchy and not consistent. No typical gel pen glide to it either. Ordered the upgrade from Jet Pens (retractable) and we'll see if that's better.
It feels nice to write...
August 1, 2010
It feels nice to write with, but the line it puts down is rather watery and faded; if you draw a line really quickly, it will also skip a bit (noticeable when I try to underline or circle things). The case also looks rather lame. I think the pen bodies for the 0.4mm version are much better, so even if you want to use a 0.7mm tip, I'd switch the cartridges (they fit).
I bought this pen in...
August 12, 2009
I bought this pen in Taiwan because apparently the phenomenon hasn't dried out there yet either! The ink isn't bold enough for me and again the 0.7mm is too thick for me. A design flaw is that the eraser is on the top of the pen and not on the cap so when you cap the pen, you have to remove it in order to erase.
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