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2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  I am a big fan of FriXion..., January 12, 2012
By fay...
I am a big fan of FriXion series, yet in my own opinion, having 0.4mm nibs is not a very valuable advantage in the U.S. Many Japanese people write between 6mm line on their notebooks, while Americans do not. The market for 0.7mm probably is larger.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  I agree with other reviews:..., August 4, 2011
I agree with other reviews: writes really well, awesome erasing ability, light color ink. Absolutely no clumping. The only thing I find unfortunate is that the eraser is on the end of the pen, not on the cap. So when I go to erase, I need to remove the cap, erase, and then recap. Otherwise, excellent pens.
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  I'd highly recommend..., October 13, 2011
By tma...
I'd highly recommend these pens, mainly to students. The ink flows very well, and there are never clumps while writing. Contrary to other erasable pens, the friction eraser works better on ink than rubber erasers on pencil! The only disappointment is the fact that the eraser is on the bottom of the pen rather than the top, so putting your cap on the eraser will be a habit...
  I love these pens! They..., May 1, 2012
I love these pens! They have an extra fine tip and erase cleanly. When they're back in stock, I will defiantly purchase them again! ^^!
  I absolutely love these..., December 18, 2011
By dta...
I absolutely love these pens! I like how the colours are a little dull, I tend to gravitate toward less "in your face" inks. The end of the cap works just as well as the rubber eraser, for those who like to put the cap on the back. AN ABSOLUTE MUST!!!!!
  These pens are amazing!!..., July 23, 2011
By pre...
These pens are amazing!! They erase so cleanly and there is plenty of ink! I love them!
  These pens are all you..., April 22, 2011
These pens are all you could wish for in terms of ergonomic and artistic appeal.

In addition to being a pleasure to write with, they are fully erasable.

But these pens are not all-purpose. They are ideal for drafting, marking/highlighting text, writing notes and completing word games. They are not meant to be used as Sharpies or other brands of highlighter.
  awesome pens! they erase..., March 5, 2011
By lil...
awesome pens! they erase better than pencils! the only thing is that the colors aren't vibrant as they are on the outsides of the pens but they're still nice colors! They are the best erasable pens i've ever used!
  Erase PERFECTLY!!!..., February 14, 2011
By bet...
  The color is a little..., January 31, 2011
By bet...
The color is a little lighter than on the outside. The erase even better than pencils! They don't leave a trace that a pen has ever written there.
  AVOID if you like deep,..., January 30, 2010
By jco...
AVOID if you like deep, rich colors. These are lightest, softest; nothing to do with the misleading outside. The "Pencil-Like 0.7" are both better and cheaper!!!
  These pens are the absolute..., January 22, 2010
These pens are the absolute best out there for students. So much so that I refuse to share them :-)
They write in a precise, smooth flow and the color is soft on the pastels and bold on the deeper hues.

If you do write a lot daily (10-20 pages) you may wish to order more then one. I have them in every color and the only problem I ever find with these pens is that they sell out so quickly. So I have learned to buy them in pairs when I place my monthly order.