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3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  I LOVE THE WAY THIS PEN..., December 26, 2010

- Smooth, fine .4mm point
--_ Writes like a dream [+]

- The ink erases via... friction
--_ Erases very well, as well a regular #2 mark is erased [+]

- Stylish black plastic body
--_ Need there anything else be said aside from the pictures? [+]

- Black Ink
--_ It isn't as dark as regular black gel ink pens, but that really shouldn't matter too much [=]
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  I didn't expect too much..., July 18, 2010
I didn't expect too much after using the 0.7mm version of this I picked up from the store, but I was pleasantly surprised. Although the ink does, admittedly, look a little faded and lacking in depth compared to other gel ink pens, the tip is fine and points down a very nice line regardless. It's small, lightweight and comfortable to hold, such that I do not find myself getting sore, tired hands after writing with it for long periods of time. All in all, a solid purchase definitely worth the $3 I paid for it.
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  These are perfect. They..., April 12, 2009
These are perfect. They write pretty dark(not as dark as a normal gel ink pen, but still very clear and dark). I love that they write pretty thinly, but not too thin. Erasing is absolutely AMAZING; they erase COMPLETELY and leave NO residue.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  I really like these pens...., December 7, 2010
By hwi...
I really like these pens. They work great, are neater and easier to see than a pencil, and erase almost flawlessly. To answer a previous question, I have never had the eraser part wear down - but a regular erase will work if you need it to.
  Great! I'm an Engineer..., May 13, 2014
By wll...
Great! I'm an Engineer and started using these in Red, Green and Blue all of them are fantastic. Now my whole office is hooked, we use these to correct our prints in very fine detail they are a real time saver.....
   A phenomenal pen and..., August 3, 2013
A phenomenal pen and you should get it!!
  I love everything in..., April 5, 2012
I love everything in the frixion collection! I basically own one of everything and buy the refills. but I was super pissed at this pen.
mind you, I am super careful with my pens. I treat them better than I treat my computer.

after the 5th refill the plastic of the neck of the pen where you twist to open cracked. and it cracked very randomly because i wasn't opening the pen at all.

I was just writing in my notebook and all of a sudden the tip falls in..... :'(
debating if i want to buy another one or buy the metal body version of this pen....
  A nice looking black..., February 24, 2012
By cam...
A nice looking black pen, but the ink on this pen is a light grey. Also, the ink is doesn't always come out in a flowing stream; almost as if it dried up inside the needle point of the pen. But I do like that the needle point tip of the pen makes the writing so thin. Also, I really appreciate the thin cone of frixion rubber on the back of the pen, which allows me to erase small mistakes; and the frixion rubber seems stronger than what is on the frixion nock retractable pens. But overall I like the frixion nock retractable pens better than this.
  I love how the fine point..., January 27, 2012
I love how the fine point of the pen, which can practically be used for any classes. Especially those who love pencils, this is the right product for you. The downside of this product is that you can't refill it after the ink is all used up and that you have to keep buying the pen over and over again.
  I hate erasable ink!..., December 29, 2011
I hate erasable ink!

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, my next confession is: I LOVE THIS PEN!

I have tried the Pilot Frixion line before (in 0.7mm), and absolutely despised the gray-ish "black" pen. I needed a couple of dollars more to bump my ink refill order up to the $25 threshold to get the free shipping, so I reluctantly selected this pen. I am so glad I did!

The ink - while still not the blackest - is adequate. The ink lays a very nice fine line. I still find that the eraser is in a curious place. Seeing as how I post my cap when I write, I find it bothersome to have to remove the posted cap in order to erase anything. Despite this placement blunder, otherwise, I love the design of the pen. Despite not opting for the Business-ready design, I find the clean black body with nicely utilized typography to be quite appealing.

While I won't be reaching for this pen as often as I do my Cavaliers, I will definitely be giving this pen a try here and there.

For those reluctant to give erasable pens a try, I encourage you to give this one a try. For those of you that love erasable pens- Why haven't you already tried this one?!
  This pen's great for..., August 18, 2010
This pen's great for note-taking, especially if you tend to make mistakes. It doesn't smudge as a pencil would, so its fine tip and erasability makes this pen great!
  I love these pens; primarily..., June 7, 2010
By dis...
I love these pens; primarily for studying (I also use the highlighters). I am able to revise my notes and mark up my textbooks without fears of distracting notations I don't want later. However, I live in Arizona, and forgot about my notebook in my car seat. It was a very hot day (I think 110 deg F), and when I brought my notes in to look at them, they were totally blank! I currently have them in the freezer, under some frozen peas, trying to recover my notes. I still love these pens.
  I love taking all my..., August 9, 2009
I love taking all my notes with this pen. It erases very cleanly, has a comfortable grip, writes smoothly for faster note taking, and has a nice fine tip for my tiny writing. It makes for clean, nice-looking notes that I actually want to use. The ink is noticeably lighter than most pens, which doesn't bother me since I only use it for notes. However, the eraser at the end does get annoying.
  Fantastic little pen..., August 6, 2009
Fantastic little pen for note taking / editing because of the erase ability.

Two issues:
1) The black is more grey. On paper, it looks like it was written with a pencil.
2) Need the rubber on the cap, not the end of the pen. Otherwise, you have to keep removing the cap from the end of pen to erase, then putting it back on -- or leaving it off (increasing the chance of losing the cap).

If Pilot come out with a retractable frixion, I'll snap it up in an instant. :)
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  A little background about..., January 11, 2012
By yoo...
A little background about my note-taking preference first: I love writing with pens except when taking notes or outlining for a class I use pencils due to the fact that I am always erasing. However because of pencil transfer, like when you write on the other side of the written page, I only use the front side of pages. NEVER THE BACK PAGE. And this never really bothered me, but recently I've been noticing how much more paper I've been wasting compared to my peers. So in comes the Pilot Frixion pen. I was always iffy about eraseable pens, since they didn't seem to give clean pencil-like erasing. But the heat erasing mechanism of the Pilot Frixion pens intrigued me.

When I first got this and the black-blue pen, I was in LOVE. Yes the black looked a bit washed out, but the writing and erasing was amazing. SO CLEAN. And so for the past week I've been writing avidly with my new pens. However upon looking back at my notes I've noticed parts of my notes missing, like a part of a word here and there. And so I realized, when erasing one side of the page, the heat goes through the paper and partially erases what is on the other side. I was devastated. And not to mention soooo frustrated. And while rewriting parts of my notes and getting very annoyed I decided to take a break and write this review.

So yes beside the fact that the heat mechanism does have a downside or two... the pen itself is good and erasing is amazing.
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  The ink is definitely..., January 11, 2011
By cyn...
The ink is definitely grey, not black. The line is not always consistent, and you can be sure to have little blotches at the end of each line. When I first used the pen, I hated it because of the scratchiness, but now it's fine. The erasing is quite good.
0 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  Does the rubber run down..., November 19, 2010
By stt...
Does the rubber run down if so where can i get replacment rubber parts.... please answer beacause i would like to know befor i buy the pen... thank you.