Pilot FriXion Point 04 Gel Pen - 0.4 mm - Apricot Orange

Pilot FriXion Point 04 Gel Pen - 0.4 mm - Apricot Orange

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Like a small town talent who turned into a supermodel, the newest FriXion now sports a glamorous new look. It is incredible to believe that there is now an erasable gel pen that is as fine as 0.4 mm! That's thinner than most gel pens available in the US, and that makes these new pens as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

Pilot has really had a breakthrough in technology with the FriXion line. The pens have a special rubber end to rub the thermo sensitive ink away with, thus no eraser by-products are produced, yet the ink disappears magnificently. The pen writes smoothly, in colorful lines, and erases without a trace!

Interestingly enough, the ink in these pens will actually reappear when the temperature reaches below – 10 C (under 14 Fahrenheit). A freezer is sufficiently cold enough to make the ink start to reappear. It is like a magic pen for adults!

Because the ink in this pen is thermo sensitive, we do not advise for it to be left in hot cars, used for mailing, copying, or subjected to a condition that exposes it to a lot of friction.

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I must also state my...
July 28, 2009
Verified Purchase
I must also state my disappointment with these pens compared to the .7 erasables. The ink indeed does look washed out. The body is kind of sleek though. I give it one star for asthetics.
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I was really looking...
June 18, 2009
Verified Purchase
I was really looking forward to this pen, but I was really disappointed when I tried it out. The ink does not flow nicely from the pen, and it looks washed out or like a pen that is running out of ink. I really wanted these to be an amazing pen, but they aren't. However, the other Pilot FriXion erasable pens that are 0.7mm are excellent, which was a huge suprise to me. They write very clearly, and the ink flow is amazing and the colors are brilliant. Another plus to the 0.7mm is that it is much cheaper than this pen, and in my opinion is 100 times better.
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Good color, smooth ink,...
January 27, 2016
Verified Purchase
Good color, smooth ink, and comfortable enough pen. There is a finger cushion under the cap.
oh my stars i want one...
May 8, 2009
oh my stars i want one so badly.... but i could be wrong if u know what i mean if u know me get me one for my birthday