Pilot Fure Fure BeatNic 2 Color 0.7 mm Ballpoint Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil - Black Body

Pilot Fure Fure BeatNic 2 Color 0.7 mm Ballpoint Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil - Black Body

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The Fure Fure Beatnic Multi Pen is a new take on multi-pens by Pilot. It has a few new and improved features that are different from typical Japanese multi-pens. The multi-pen features a 0.5 mm shakermechanical pencil, and a black and red ballpoint pen in one. The shaker function gives you the option of comfortably pushing the top cap or shaking the pen body to extend pencil lead. An internal weight moves with the shakes to extend the lead automatically for you. The pen uses the famous silicon rubber Dr. Grip that has been engineered to fit comfortably in your hands. The pen also features a spring based binder clip, which allows you to clip the instrument onto thicker objects without breaking the clip. Available in multiple body colors.

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My Mother-in-law in Japan...
April 28, 2011
My Mother-in-law in Japan mailed this to me in the U.S. for a Christmas present. I loved this pen while it lasted. I have never used such a smooth writing pen and also liked the balance and weight. Mine developed a crack that won't allow the pen to stay together anymore. I do not know how this happened but it may have been when I picked up my son while the pen was in my shirt pocket. I'm thinking his weight against my chest may have caused it. Nonetheless, I am going to buy another because I enjoyed this pen so much and am generally careful with things. I'll just have to be more careful with the new one. Great pen!
This pen is perfect for...
October 26, 2010
Verified Purchase
This pen is perfect for people in the medical field. It writes very smoothley and feels comfortable in my hand.
REVISION--- This pens...
October 8, 2009
Verified Purchase
REVISION--- This pens barell, based on my use at my desk, is prone to cracking, and making the pen unusable. This may be because of the increased barrel weight if it is dropped. This pen has become non functioning after limited desk use, due to barrel cracking by a drop of 3' (desk height onto vinyl flooring).

It was a nice pen while it lasted.
First lets say this is...
July 30, 2009
Verified Purchase
First lets say this is a LARGE Multi pen. It is longer than the Zebra clip on, and much heftier. It is also more durable. I love the Zebra, do not get me wrong, it has been my daily work pen for the past year. This one made the zebra go to the drawer. I have a large hand so the size is not an issue, the weight is well balanced, the clip is sturdy and the ink slides are well laid out and sturdy also. The pencil is a shaker, but is not advanced by simple movements, you need to give it a real shake for it to advance. It puts out the perfect amount of lead regardless of if you shake or knock it.

The inks are the pilot inks we know and love. they lay down silky smooth, like a .5 hi-tec c. The red ink even has a littel red band around the tip.

Drawback the black lever is really darker gray and the pencil is lighter gray, once you get the locations this will not be a problem. I also have not figured out how to refill the pencil, since there are no instructions....