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A gift for an aunt. The...
June 22, 2015
Verified Purchase
A gift for an aunt. The grip is just like a Dr. Grip, which I prefer to the overly squishy ones. The tabs make it easier to select the pen color/pencil option. The only possible issue would be that the majority of the pen's weight is focused at the tip while the far end is much lighter; if you prefer the pen's weight to be evenly distributed throughout, this pen might bug you. However, it does write quite well.
REVISION (from review...
October 8, 2009
REVISION (from review on black body) --- This pens barrel, based on my use at my desk, is prone to cracking, and making the pen unusable. This may be because of the increased barrel weight if it is dropped. This pen has become non functioning after limited desk use, due to barrel cracking by a drop of 3' (desk height onto vinyl flooring).

Good while it lasted, but it did not last long. My Zebra was well over a year and still going.
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