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This is a great pen!...
November 9, 2011
Verified Purchase
This is a great pen! I wish to have on all colors but I'm very happy with the yellow it's beautiful! A lot of complements I've got on my pen, I really love it! Moreover, the shaking pencil is a great future, makes very easy to keep going when you are in a hurry, so just shake it the lead comes out. Way to go Pilot!
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I'm a previous Dr. Grip...
May 27, 2010
Verified Purchase
I'm a previous Dr. Grip fan. I love, love, love this pen. So much that I've managed to purchase every color except black. I wonder how long I'll be able to resist that one... The design is great. Seems tough and rugged, but beautifully styled at the same time. Writing is very smooth. The only pen I want to use anymore.
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Excellent pen for Dr....
February 22, 2010
Verified Purchase
Excellent pen for Dr. Grip fans. The pens write very smoothly (almost like gel or rollerball pens) and the pencil is very convenient. The clip is big enough to attach the pen to my Moleskine. The eraser cap screws on, which is will help avoid losing it. Its weight, width and the Dr. Grip design make it very comfortable to write with. Love its funky design as well (reminds me of Zoltar from Battle of the Planets).
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One of my favorite new...
January 29, 2010
Verified Purchase
One of my favorite new pens! The feel is so comfortable and the shaker mechanism on the pencil works great! The ink flows smoothly and the lead doesn't break easily. I love that it looks so different from the Zebra & Dr. Grip Multi pens..it just stands out! LOVE IT!!
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This pen/pencil is great!...
February 19, 2015
Verified Purchase
This pen/pencil is great! I loved it, it was perfect for me. But it is a bit on the heavy side. It lasted about 4 months before it broke. When I was refilling the lead in the pencil, I tried to put the pencil back in the socket but I saw that the springs were all messed up, so be careful when you try to refill the pencil or pen.
This is a very fun pen....
September 6, 2013
Verified Purchase
This is a very fun pen. It is a little clunky and heavy compared to a regular Dr. Grip, as would be expected for a multi-pen, but still comfortable to write with. I kind of love it.

I'm still trying to figure out how to add lead and change refills, the manual is in Japanese. I'm sure there is a trick, if anyone reading this knows, I'd love a tip please?? Do they twist out or something? Thanks!
I bought this pen in...
March 11, 2013
Verified Purchase
I bought this pen in red first and I loved it so much that I ended up buying the other 4 colors as well. plus ink refills for them. I tend to favor pens with a larger barrel and this one is perfect. The weight feels good in my hand and the ink is fairly smooth. A really great pen.
I love the way this pen...
November 2, 2012
Verified Purchase
I love the way this pen looks, it's a little heavy and clunky and the ink is terrible!! I'm so disappointed. It's super scratchy and doesn't write smoothly at all.
Very cumbersome to write...
February 8, 2012
Very cumbersome to write with. Barrel is too fat. Ink is rather pale.
Not worth the price.
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