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May 14, 2012
Look- Very pretty pencil...
Look- Very pretty pencil with vibrant colors
Grip- Kind of hard, however not that bad
Use- Lead comes out nicely and shaker system it great. You can also advance lead by pushing the top, also

Overall, this is a great everyday pencil that is not expensive and reliable. Its not a pencil to worry about getting stolen very often, however still good quality! I recommend it to anyone who wants a great everyday shaker pencil!

December 27, 2010
Such a good pencil! At...
Verified Purchase
Such a good pencil! At first, you have to manually click the graphite, but after that, then it works beautifully! I totally recommend this pencil. I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 30, 2009
My sister gave me two...
My sister gave me two of these pencils, the pink one and the green one. I don't really like this pencil because it feels really cheap and it often gets jammed. But I do love that it is a shaker and the colors