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2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  the only downside of..., March 10, 2012
By chu...
the only downside of it is the cap. the body of the pen had some scratches from the capping and recapping. anyone faces this problem? I didnt realise this problem the first few days of usage.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  I bought this pen more..., September 14, 2011
By s_t...
I bought this pen more than a year ago and really like its weight and balance. Thin pens typically cause fatigue in the forefinger and thumb over prolonged use, but not with this one. But it does have couple of other issues :
1) All needle points are a little scratchy, but this one is a little more scratchy - probably because the needle is a tad bit longer.
2) This needle point tends to gather more paper fibers than other needle points, causing some clogging and ink buildup at the tip. When this happens, a quick wipe of the tip does the trick.

When the original refill ran out, I replaced it with a 0.38 G-Knock refill. It is comparable to the original 0.4mm point, the fit is perfect and the traditional conical tip is stable and smooth. Both the above issues were resolved.

Some other reviewers have asked about refill interchangeability - I can confirm that all Pilot gel refills fit this pen. I have even hacked a Uniball Signo RT refill to fit this pen.

Overall, I like this pen a lot - very elegant and professional looking, yet compact and easy to carry. Do be careful though, when uncapping or recapping the pen - the clearances are really close and any tilt will cause the edge of the cap to scratch the plastic grip on the pen.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  I write notes everyday..., August 25, 2011
By the...
I write notes everyday and am very particular with the weight and diameter of my pens. My prior favorite pen was the Cross classic due to the weight, small diameter and build quality. After reading various blogs and seeking advice fromThe Pen Addict blog. I purchased this pen from Jet Pens and was extremely pleased with the Hi-Tec Cavalier.

If you work in a corporate setting, and want something better than the usual cheap plastic BIC pens, look no further. The gel ink dries fast, I haven't noticed any smearing and its super black.Take pride in your writing insrtument.

Furthermore, I recently went into a pen specialty shop to browse around, luckily I was carrying my pen in my shirt pocket and asked them for something compareable and they offered me a few Lamy which were decent, but I much preferred my Cavalier.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  This is currently my..., October 2, 2010
This is currently my favorite daily writing pen. It's slightly thinner than a normal sized pen but still has a good weight and heft. The only catch, as a previous reviewer mentioned, is that i MUCH prefer to write with it without the cap at the butt end. Adding the cap adds quite a bit of weight that become uncomfortable when writing for long durations.

I also didn't really care for the default ink cartridge and replaced it with the Ohto 0.7mm Gel cartridge. Works wonderfully.
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  This pen is amazing!..., February 16, 2013
This pen is amazing! I love the way it feels in my hand-good weight and everything. The fact that they refills are basically a brand new pen is perfect for me. I use it to draw with mainly and it's exactly what I needed.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  The Pen itself is excellent,..., December 28, 2011
The Pen itself is excellent, good weight and balance, excellent to write with, and everything I was looking for.

A cautionary note, this pen does not take regular Hi Tec C or G Tec refills (Particularly of note for those in england), it will use BLS-G2-5 refills and BXS-V5RT refills, both of which are slightly thicker than the regular cartridge supplied with the pen, but fitting perfectly with the pen itself.
2 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  Pilot does not make a..., July 17, 2011
Pilot does not make a 0.5 refill for this pen. I've already asked. The refills from the disposable range, I think, will not fit into this pen as the sizes are different. That's why I asked the question if anyone else is interested in a 0.5 refill so as to hopefully coax Pilot into making them if enough people ask for them and it becomes worthwhile for Pilot to make them. Personally, I think the demand is there, it's just that either Pilot don't realise it or just don't want to manufacture them for whatever reason! I think it's the latter.
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  Best pen I've ever owned...., September 21, 2010
By anider
Best pen I've ever owned. Smooth, weighty, no blotting. Sophisticated, always getting compliments on it. I want to own more. Please come out with other body colours!
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  This has replaced more..., August 18, 2010
By sue...
This has replaced more expensive pens as my favorite every day pen. Looks great, writes superbly on all types of paper. Lastly it has done something I don't expect of a pen- improved my social life! I am more relaxed when someone picks it up to look at (as compared with one 2 or 3 times it's price) so I actually am making friends instead of protecting my pen. And I have still not had it walk off.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  I am addicted to fine..., March 1, 2010
I am addicted to fine stationery, and although not normally a needle point sort of fellow, this pen is amazing.

It has some heft to it, its not a light plastic thing that's going to break on you. The weight of it feels wonderful in your hand.

You can also get some serious mileage out of the ink cartridges. I write at least 5 to 6 letters a week, usually three pages long. I've had mine for 3 months now, and I just had to change the cartridge today.

I actually cruised over here to buy another one of these pens for the wife.
  I really like this pen,..., September 14, 2014
By joh...
I really like this pen, but the cap tends to scratch the paint off the grip area of the barrel. Not a big deal, though it is a little unsightly and disappointing since this is such a nice pen!
  If anyone has any that..., February 10, 2014
If anyone has any that you are willing to sell, especially in the green or blue barrel, I want it.

I'm heartbroken that this type is discontinued and replaced with a plastic barrel.

I'm at "artsolace" at mac dot com.
  Best in the world. Why..., October 4, 2013
Best in the world. Why did it go away?
   Nice pen. I quite enjoy..., February 15, 2013
By dp7...
Nice pen. I quite enjoy it's sleek body, yet it was a bit smaller than i thought of it. Also, I found the cap to scratch the body whenever I capped the bottom or top of the pen, so that's why I couldn't give it a 5/5.
  In my journey to find..., February 14, 2013
In my journey to find the perfect pen, I came across this amazing pen. I've loved pilot for a long time because of their incredible tips and high quality ink. And so far, this pen meets all of my expectations.

I bought this pen primarily as a pen body since it can house several different Pilot branded refills, including the awesome G2 gel pens. I've already gone through the original ink cartridge, a G2 refill and its 0.3 mm and the pen still feels wonderful in my hand.

I must admit, this pen is flashy. I love watching people turn it in their hands while trying to see how to use it, which should speak to its quality. It looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. In fact, several people have though it to be one of those 100 dollar executive pens. So if you want luxury without the price tag, you don't have to search anymore.

Nevertheless, I cannot give this pen a five out of five review. Its pretty but the paint will get damaged. I dropped it once and it now sports a gnarly looking scar on the side. I do admit, however, that I screwed up that one; but as some others have mentioned, the cap likes to scratch the pen too. Every single time you open it and close it, there's a big chance it will get scratched on the bottom of the barrel, where the cap rests when closed. Of course, the pen does look okay when not in use, but the scratches feel awkward to the touch.
  I haven't written a review..., January 24, 2013
By mob...
I haven't written a review on this site despite spending hundreds of dollars here so far, but there are some things that I think people should know before buying this pen.

The parts that I like about this pen are the refill interchangeability and the thickness (or rather thinness...). I have tons of G2 refills, signo RT refills, sarassa clip refills,etc. and they all fit.

The part that I do not like is the fact that the cap scratches the pen body because of how small the clearance is between the cap and the body. I have the pilot prera fountain pen, with a similar air tight cap, and it worked great for that pen (plastic body). For this pen, with its metal body, it scratches.

So, as a recommendation, if you already have a large collection of pens, and plan to use this one as an everyday carry or a go-to pen (like I am), it's a great choice. The scratching doesnt really bother me because I know that this pen is going to see a lot of heavy use and is going to be places where I wouldn't put pens like my Kaweco AL Sport or Lamy CP1.

If you plan on buying this pen, and some scratches on the barrel will bother you, I would stay away from it.
  Outstanding! The pen's..., October 5, 2012
By jhag39
Outstanding! The pen's weight is just right and, personally, I find the .4 mm point perfect. My only wish is that the other barrel colors shown were truly available ! I will be a return customer
  I also experienced the..., September 7, 2012
I also experienced the body of the pen was scratches from the capping and recapping. I thought I received defective product, and ordered a new one. But the same problem persisted. Bummer!
  I love this pen. The..., August 30, 2012
I love this pen. The inner ink tube of the regular Hi Tec C available in Canada do NOT fit into the Cavalier body.

Still, this is an incredibly smooth pen with a very fine line. I never feel scratchiness!!! It has a nice weight, and the cap has a nice sound when you cap it and a pleasant click when you cap the pen.

This is the pen I use when writing in my Leucheturm journal.

My only issue is that it is thin, but not a major issue for me. I would love to order the blue body pen, if only Pilot made it again.

  This is my favorite pen...., April 18, 2012
By shelah
This is my favorite pen. Nice weight and puts down a thin line. Yes, it skips sometimes but it's other positive's outweigh the negative.
  This might be the best..., March 22, 2012
This might be the best pen I've ever used. I put a red ink cartridge in it for editing purposes. I love the hefty weight yet thin barrel. Ink flows very smooth, but can smear immediately after writing.
  Absolutely fantastic..., June 8, 2011
By wao...
Absolutely fantastic pen. For such a small and thin pen, it has a good weight to it and feels very comfortable in hand. To top it all off, it uses the same size refill as most other pens on the market (Pilot G2, Uni-ball Signo, Pentel EnerGel, Zebra Sarasa), so if you ever run out of ink, you're sure to find a refill that suits your needs. This pen is so great, it just might become the one pen I carry at all times!
  I love this pen. I heard..., February 28, 2011
I love this pen. I heard of tiny, Japanese pens in Wired magazine years ago and was really excited to get this. It did not disappoint. Kanji (anything, really) can be written incredibly small, yet readable. I lost one at a Christmas party this past December, and found it worth ordering a new one. I love the heft and size. Gives it such a sleek and refined appearance, while remaining useful for everyday writing of any kind. It's even smooth and enjoyable to use for normal writing, and isn't too fine, either. I've ordered the 0.3mm refill, but haven't tried it yet. I can only expect to be even more pleased with it.
  As a new proud owner..., February 21, 2011
By pet...
As a new proud owner of this pen I am so impressed, that I feel that it deserves one more voice of gratitude. It is not very light, nor very heavy, well made, well balanced, just pleasure to hold it. I have 0.4 [mm] size, which I like. Thanks to good people of Japan (Pilot), just as thanks for good people who brought the product to NA. Excellent/dependable service BTW by JP. Classy act!
  This is a magnificent..., February 13, 2011
This is a magnificent pen. I adore the .3mm gel ink refills.

Two warnings: (1) the cap will scratch up the tip of the pen. It is a very tight cap and it will erode the widest part of the tip after some use. Nevertheless, the cap will never fully erode the tip, and even after six months of heavy use, the cap snaps on quite securely. (2) You will probably end up holding the cap in your hand or storing it somewhere (like your pocket or pencil case) because the cap makes the pen awkwardly top heavy. I always end up using the pen without the cap.