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  This is the most beautiful..., October 23, 2010
This is the most beautiful pen to write with. Slim and elegant, a good weight with a smooth writing style and faultless gel delivery. It's perfect.
  This is a fantastic pen..., October 15, 2010
This is a fantastic pen for daily writing. The ink lasts forever and a day. The pen also has a great weight to it. It is a wonderful pen for anyone in the legal profession. If you write frequently, however, and grip tightly or press hard when you write (I do both), it might get to be a little painful after some time, but honestly, it is an otherwise PERFECT pen. It is definitely my top-three favorite pens.

I would suggest that for those looking for a good pen-tip, go with 0.4 versus 0.3. I write very small, but find that the ink flows better on the 0.4. 0.3 clogs every so often. I'm not sure if anyone else had that problem, but I've experienced it a few times.
  My favorite pen to date...., August 25, 2010
My favorite pen to date. I am a huge Pilot Hi-Tec-C fan, as a lefty this is the best pen at .3, .4 and even .5 since the ink dries fast enough not to smear.
  Just wanted to add something..., August 1, 2010
Just wanted to add something after using this pen for a while: this is my favourite pen, and I have a lot of good stationery (Jetstreams, Signos and other reputedly good stuff). It is incredibly good looking and above all, it writes excellently. It is nicely weighted and comfortable to hold; at first I thought it would be difficult to use for extended of periods of time given that it's thin and made of metal. I was wrong. It is not overly heavy at all and the excellent balance of the pen ensure that it is not exceeding uncomfortable (see my last post though; the cap should be taken off when writing).

Again, highly recommend buying this. Easily worth the $15.
  Just want to throw this..., July 19, 2010
Just want to throw this out there: I'm not sure how everyone else feels about this pen, but I find it works a lot better without the cap clipped on the end. The extra weight, in tandem with the distance from the pivot (i.e. your hand) creates unnecessary torque that makes it a burden to carry. Once I discovered this, my appreciation for the pen rose exponentially. Definitely worth buying if you want something that writes as well as it looks.
  This is a fantastic pen,..., July 12, 2010
This is a fantastic pen, definitely not as thin as some are complaining it to be, the weight feels natural, writes great. Definitely recommended.
  This is such an amazing..., April 10, 2010
By kee...
This is such an amazing pen. A wonderful line, a nice weight. I love it.
  Solid, good looking,..., March 23, 2010
Solid, good looking, and feels great in the hand. It's definitely a thin barrel, but whether that's good or bad is obviously a matter of taste, not size. The idea that just because I'm over 6 feet tall I should want a bulky pen is just weird to me.

As a bonus, as much as I dig the super-fine nibs, these take any pilot ink you can fine. I've loaded these up with cartridges from G2s and from retractable precise V5s and they fit perfectly. Net result is that this pen looks good, feels good and is very versatile.
  I admit that it looks..., January 29, 2010
By khb...
I admit that it looks good, but it is not ergonomic, feels solid, and too thin for a normal adult man's hand (6 feet tall).
  I just received my order..., November 2, 2009
By ire...
I just received my order with three of these pens (two in black, one in blue) and I'm impressed. After you remove all the stickers the pen looks very professional, elegant and sleek - and much more expensive that it really is! The pen has a good weight to it and is not at all flimsy or cheap feeling when you hold it in your hand. The cap clicks when you close it and when you post it at the back of the pen when you are using it. It writes as well as any Hi-Tec C or G-Tec C4 - smooth, but needle-sharp and substantial.

One thing I've discovered with this pen which for me really makes it even more incredible value for the money is that you can use a lot of different refills for the pen body, not just the Pilot Cavalier refill! This is a list of refills that also work (I just tried them):

Pilot G-Knock 0.38 mm refill (if you are not a fan of needlepoint pens but want the same fine line)
Pilot G-2 refill
Uniball Jetstream refill
Uniball Premier 207 refill
Hi-tecpoint V5 RT refill

Can you say WOW?
  This pen is so beautiful..., January 24, 2009
This pen is so beautiful and has a very nice weight to it. The silhouette is also very elegant. The only con is that every single refill ink barrel I've gone through has had problems so far. I've used 0.3 mm black and 0.4 mm blue refills and they die about a third of the way in. The pen stops distributing ink flow smoothly, leaving gaps sometimes or just giving up altogether. It's a shame, since I love the pen so much and I love the disposable Hi-Tec-Cs as well.

Lovely pen body, disappointing ink refills.
  A beautiful pen. Has..., May 6, 2008
A beautiful pen. Has a handsome weight to it despite the small size, and makes a wonderful sound when opened and closed. More to the point, it writes very smoothly, with a nice dark line. The sheer blackness of the ink makes it appear to write slightly bigger than the lines of the Signo .38, but in reality there are probably minimal differences between the lines they draw. A fine-point gel pen plus a professional look make the price well worth it for me. Thanks JetPens!
  This has to be one of..., December 26, 2007
This has to be one of the smoothest needle-point pens I've ever used. I normally don't like anything with an extra-fine tip, but this pen (along w/the Ohto Tasche) have made me something of a believer. And actually made me not mind to take notes in a day-planner!
  MUCH NICER TO HOLD AND..., January 26, 2007
  This pen is why I fell..., May 16, 2006
This pen is why I fell in love with the Hi-Tecs. Great pen! The only drawback is the clip became loose and rattles a bit.
  This is a fantastic product,..., February 21, 2006
This is a fantastic product, as are all the Pilot pens and refills.
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  absolutely stunning pen...buil..., November 4, 2011
By Nic...
absolutely stunning quality is amazing and has a really satisfying click when the cap is put on either end.

Its a must have for desginers and sketchers who love sketching away in their moleskine to rendering high quality art. its nip is quite slim and scratchy at first but once used for a bit it loosens up like any other pen.

Clear lines and a heavy feel make this my favourite pen and i urge you to get one...

don't forget a refil too...

thanks again to JETPENS for their speedy delivery all the way to ireland!
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  Wonderful pen! Great..., September 12, 2011
By jeb...
Wonderful pen! Great weight & balance - classic look and lays down ink very well. I use it for drawing mostly and some note taking. I love the uneven line weight when you lightly touch the tip to paper. If you're looking for more precision lines it will do that as well.

Some don't like the 0.4, but it works just fine for me. Nice having an oddball size to draw with.

You can't beat the price!
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  nice pen, if you like..., August 29, 2011
By wdavis
nice pen, if you like the .4 fine point great, i have to often fill out government forms, excellent for that as can write neatly with block letters in small spaces, but don't like for general note taking, as being a lefty, fine point digs, however still really like the style and feel of the pen, so if the fine point not for you, found any standard pilot refill for G-2 retractable will work fine in 05mm and 07mm

tried pentel entergel refills, either are too long or loose at the tip, but will work
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  Please put some more..., July 10, 2011
By her...
Please put some more of that on sale.
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  Can you use a 0.5 refill..., July 2, 2011
By sue...
Can you use a 0.5 refill with this pen?
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  I've tried the 0.4 and..., July 6, 2011
By con...
I've tried the 0.4 and 0.5 Hi-Tec-C in the disposable version. I found the 0.4 to be a bit on the scratchy side but the 0.5 is still fine enough without the scratchiness.
I want to upgrade to Cavalier but it seems that a 0.5 blue refill is not available. Would anyone else be interested in a 0.5 refill for the Cavalier?
Just putting it out there in the hope that demand may induce supply.