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  I disagree with the negative..., August 15, 2009
I disagree with the negative reviews on this pen. I find it to be light and comfortable to write with. The grip is ridged and allows for you to hold the pen closer to the tip if desired (versus the hi-tec c pens which I find you need to hold up higher due to placement of the grip). The 0.4 ink is great; it also seems to write smoother than the 0.4 hi-tec c pens. For those that want a rubberized grip and wider barrel with more color choices, go for the 3 or 4 color version of this pen.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  I like a 2-color multi-pen...., April 30, 2009
I like a 2-color multi-pen. I don't need more than 2 colors. The click spring is softer than I would like - it's mushy. Refills don't last long at all. I agree it has a bit of a scratchy writing feel. Overall, an economical multi-pen, and fits the bill for me, but I'd like to find a higer quality alternative.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  I am not sure why these..., April 30, 2009
I am not sure why these pens are so popular. the tip almost feels and looks like jagged pieces of metal. regardless of the mm size, it feels as though you are scratching the paper. i bought the multi pen as well as single hi tec c's and they all feel like they scratch the paper. it also feels like one side of the tip writes better on the paper than other sides so i find myself constantly turning the pen to try to find this area.

it's great you can have 2 or 3 colors on a single pen but i prefer the .5mm pilot mc3 or mf3 multi pen over the hi tec c.
  This is my favorite multi..., December 10, 2009
This is my favorite multi pen. I like a fine line and the .3 mm is perfect for me. The ink flow is excellent. The grip is comfortable. And the look is clean. I suggest getting extra refills.
  Nothing special but it..., June 18, 2009
Nothing special but it is pretty good. Uhh... the one my friend has is an orange and black colored cartridges is very good -- HOWEVER the only problem is that it is thin and sort of hangs on to the paper and wets the other side (on certain types of paper).

Otherwise it is good but it is not anything different from other multi pens! I have the Pentel Hybrid and it is really good and worth buying (it is also a 2 color multipen with red and black cartridges + a 0.5 mechanical pencil) as it is really cheap for multipen + pencils!

However... this is really good and produces a nice color. The ink cartridges run out fast though ):
  it's SO skinny! only..., April 16, 2009
it's SO skinny! only a little teeny bit thicker than normal hi-tech pens _3 it's freaking cute no matter what color you have in it =]
  amazing pen, the refills..., March 24, 2008
By s
amazing pen, the refills don't last long, but only because you become addicted and can't stop using it in place of all other pens!
  The Coleto body and the..., March 3, 2008
By skg046
The Coleto body and the ten-color refill set are the only cost-effective way to use the excellent Hi-Tec-C ink and pen-tip. I love them. If only the refills came in some of the rarer colors (they're available only as standalone pens, but it's a waste of plastic...).
  Awesome product. I love..., August 28, 2007
Awesome product. I love being able to put 2 different colors in it one day and then putting two other different colors in it the next if I wanted.
  And I also went crazy..., June 21, 2007
And I also went crazy and bought all the colors of the ink!

Wow I am obsessed with this pen...
  I just bought one today..., June 21, 2007
I just bought one today (NOT ONLINE) and I am VERY satisfied. It's so convenient to have a pen that's quite easy to write with, and 2 colors! I usually am not a fan of multi pens, so this purchase really suprised me. Personally, I actually like these better than the new ones with the rubber grips. They have slimmer bodies and are easier to write with.

It did take me a while to actually figure out how to put the ink pieces in (I can't read the Japanese on the package. Just looked at the pretty pictures :)) but afterwords, everything ran nice and smoothly.

A great pen to add to the collection...
  I LOVE this pen and it..., April 15, 2007
I LOVE this pen and it is the only one that I own. I've gotten rid of all my Montblanc and Cartier pens because they truly just do not work as well or are as functional. It is true that the refills don't last all that long but I worked around that by developing a schedule of buying refills and pretty soon I had enough refills that I don't need to worry about when to use and when to not use this great pen anymore. The new pen bodies do take three refills and have a grip to help with writing for long periods. I'm lucky enough to have been able to get a few of them and they're even better than these. Hopefully JetPens will get those soon.
  I love this pen! I have..., March 30, 2007
I love this pen! I have two with 4 different colors. Very convenient and easy to manipulate while taking notes... and unlike other multi pens I've had, that switch "click" sound doesn't echo throughout an entire room (which I'm sure has annoyed a few people every time I've had to change colors). The only thing that bothers me is that the cartridges don't last very long (as with most of my pens)...and I've gotta make an attempt at using the pens sparingly. Wish it had a rubberized grip, also (apparently there is a newer Coleto body that addresses this).
  It took me a moment to..., November 25, 2006
By skg046
It took me a moment to realize how to load this pen. Once I found the little flip-top cap and opened it, everything went smoothly. I like having two colors (and two different nib sizes!) available in the same barrel, and it's great to have a blue-black refill, which JetPens doesn't seem to carry for the regular Hi-Tec-C.
  FUN! I love this pen...., April 25, 2006
FUN! I love this pen. Hope more pen bodies come in soon.
  My favorite pen of all..., April 5, 2006
By bgraw3
My favorite pen of all times. Amaze your friends. It is very handy to have two colors of ink available instantly. The only downside is that the refills/cartridges do not last very long for me. However, I use these pens (two pens, 4 colors) all of the time.