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This pen is excellent....
August 15, 2009
This pen is excellent. I really like the 2 color version, which for me is perfect in size, but this pen has a wider barrel, which is also very comfortable. The rubberized grip is nice as it extends close to the tip. The design allows for the writer to hold the pen closer to the tip (or further back if desired). This is a big plus [with the hi-tec c (a great pen too) you do seem to have to hold the pen a bit further up on the barrel]. Yes the pen is light - and this makes it comfortable in my opinion. The spring mechanism only requires a light touch and the ink is very smooth - the 0.4 in black ink is great for taking notes. I use black ink (0.4) in two slots so I always have an extra ready to go. I use brown (0.3 or 0.4) in the third slot as this is great for underlining/writing small notes in margins - I seem to retain information well when using this color for studying (versus using yellow/bright highlighters which seem distracting). This is a great pen for a great price - highly recommended!
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The plastic feels way...
October 31, 2008
The plastic feels way too cheap. This pen also feels a little too light to be comfortable to write with, at least for me. Also the 0.3mm refills aren't so comfortable to write with, you can feel the metallic tip fighting against the surface, unlike the regular hi-tec-c 0.3mm. I'm gonna give it another try with 0.4 mm to see if it gets any better..
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I also bought the 5 color...
March 1, 2016
Verified Purchase
I also bought the 5 color Coleto. I like both, use both, this one is more convenient for transport in notebook pen loops. A good everyday multipen that I need not feel too badly about should it be lost or damaged. Recommended.
Just love these tri pens....
January 2, 2016
Verified Purchase
Just love these tri pens. Gave as gifts this year after people wanted mine all the time.
Don't know about the...
July 27, 2010
Verified Purchase
Don't know about the other reviewers, but the 0.4mm refills I use feel very smooth.
The 0.5mm is the smoothest...
January 17, 2010
The 0.5mm is the smoothest writer from this collection. The barrel will probably not last you through too many refills. I was using this pen exclusively with 3 pen refills and the plastic grips are not coming off and is stretched out. I used up 2 of the pen refills and almost done with the 3rd refill. The barrel is time for throwing out after my 3rd refill is done.
This pen rocks!!! I always...
December 1, 2009
This pen rocks!!! I always use it!! I have to say I am a little obsessed with pencils and pens and this was really cool to be able to pick your own colors for a change.
Agreed with the 1st reviewer....
April 30, 2009
Agreed with the 1st reviewer. I bought a .3, .4 and .5mm ink refills for this pen so i could test the difference. with all of them, it feels as though you are scratching the paper. it does not move as smoothly on the paper as other pens do.

i bought a whole bunch of hi tec c's (regular single color pens) and i prefer the uniball mc3 or mf3 over this one...

i recommend the uniball mc3 or mf3 pen over this one. it's also a gel pen and the lines/ink control on that pen are absolutely terrific.
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