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i got this and used 3...
August 27, 2011
i got this and used 3 fun colors in 0.3mm cartridges. the barrel is cheaply made and does not stay screwed together properly. i'm hoping its just this one or in my own stupidity have broken it. i just ordered a new one in white that holds 4 colors and the kit of like all the colors cartridge so i can switch them out at my whim. the inks i already know are great and have the fine line i'm looking for in my pens.
I bought a pink barrel...
June 18, 2009
I bought a pink barrel coleto and Im happy. I only got the blue, black, red ink. I am planning to buy other colors for my pink coleto. I love pink!
The writing is quite good thou sometimes the ink in the writing is not equal i dunno if its with my handwriting or the pen. Well if you like fine point pen you get this pen.
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