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May 9, 2011
Looks great, works great....
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Looks great, works great. My only complaint is that the 5 color pen is a little too wide to hold comfortably for writing - my hand gets sore. I think I\'ll have to order a 3 or 4 color pen body. I wish they gave the width of each pen body (say, in milimeters) so that I could decide which one to get.

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January 7, 2015
This thing is so handy....
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This thing is so handy. I take notes in class and I like to color code all my text, so having a multi pen in which I can design my own color palate is really handy for class. My favorite pen for school :3

November 28, 2014
This is the ideal pen...
This is the ideal pen for taking complicated notes. I can color code as much as I want without having my desk covered in a bunch of different pens. Not only are 5 color notes easier to read, but they look very impressive at a glance. The cartridges fit the end of the pen very snugly, so there isn't any annoying looseness, which is a problem on those common Bic multi-pens. Bringing out a different color doesn't take much force and isn't loud, so you won't be disturbing people next to you. I also sometimes have classmates tell me how cool my pen is, which is nice.

There are some minor downsides, however. Sometimes, when switching to an adjacent color, the pen will jam. To un-jam it, you just have to click a color on the opposite side. The joints where the sections of the pen meet are very weak, so this pen will have to stay in a sturdy pouch or bag next to other pens/pencils. If you put it in a pants pocket it will surely break. Also, the ball on the 0.3mm cartridges is very small. Thus, writing at small angles can sometimes be scratchy.

July 29, 2013
I love this! I just find...
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I love this! I just find it a bit pricey though :D

February 17, 2011
good size with the hi-tec...
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good size with the hi-tec refill...just a little bit pricey...