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Love being able to trim...
November 22, 2010
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Love being able to trim the Hi-Tec-C Coleto refill and use it with the Zebra Clip-On multi pens. It's the only way I've found, so far, to get 0.3mm tip or smaller on a multi-pen.
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These refills are my...
June 23, 2012
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These refills are my first experience with the vaunted Hi-Tec-C. I'm concerned that these may not be writing as well as the original Hi-Tec-C pen (I've read a lot of glowing reviews). I know that is the case with the Slicci 0.3mm refills, that write no where near as well as the original barrel.

Anyway, on to performance. The ink flow isn't the best. The line gives out/sputters a lot while writing. I found myself having to slow down a little to get a good flow. Even then, these tips are really scratchy.

When the refill does manage to work, it puts down a nice, thin line (thinner than the 0.3 Slicci). The colors are really cool.

Bottom Line: These refills can't keep up with my writing speed. I need to try the original HTC pen and a 0.4 refill, to see if those will be smoother and more consistent. Until then, it's all about the .28 Signo DX.
: 3

90g Clairefontaine Paper
Coleto 4 Color Body
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Great refill. Good c...
January 2, 2016
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Great refill. Good color.
First time buyer on these...
November 27, 2015
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First time buyer on these refills as I bought a multi color pen.
I bought these not knowing just how thin the line would be. As a retired Mech Engineer, I can say these pens write a line as fine as a 000 Rapidiograph Technical pen.
I use the multipen filled with these wonderful colors for decorating zentangles as these create lines too thin, personally speaking, for my daily uses.
Love .3mm...
October 30, 2015
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Love .3mm
Отличные цвет...
July 31, 2015
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Отличные цвет и качество письма! Не заметила, как улетел. Пожалела, что заказала только один такой стержень. Совершенно точно, что буду снова и снова.
Highly recommended!
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