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4 out of 5 people found the following review helpful
  This pen body is the..., January 2, 2012
By lai...
This pen body is the best of the Hi Tec C Coleto Lumio line. I also got the pink one, and it was markedly lighter in weight and cheaper-feeling overall. This one is very sleek-looking because of its matte exterior, and it feels heavy but not too heavy in the hand. The metallic pink one felt very "cheap plastic"-y, at least to me.
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  This is a fun and very..., March 27, 2011
By jef...
This is a fun and very enjoyable pen. I have three .4 mm Hi-Tec-C cartridges and a .5 mm pencil cartridge in mine. The Hi-Tec-C cartridges write as well as the standalone pens and so are always pleasant to use. Note that it does rattle a bit when none of the cartridges are depressed and locked, but not enough to annoy me. The matte black is sleek looking and the pen itself is well balanced and feels good in the hand.
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  I picked this up for..., October 5, 2011
I picked this up for 1100 yen in Tokyo this summer, so Jetpens is offering this for a really fair price. I had previously been using the cheaper, clear 3-cartridge body, and I finally wanted to upgrade to something a little more grown-up looking. All in all, I'm really happy with this body. It operates just as smoothly when deploying the pens, and has a good weight to it. Other reviews on the web have questioned why the bottom half of the barrel can be unscrewed, as it serves no real purpose... but I actually like this feature, since I can quickly check the ink levels without having to extract the cartridge from the top.

However, if you need the rubbery grip of the cheaper clear models, then you might not like this pen. It's got a matte finish (doesn't show fingerprints yay!) but I find it to be just the right thickness, so it has never slipped from my grasp. I'd recommend this to anybody who loves the coleto-c series and wants a more "serious"-looking pen.
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  i actually heard good..., July 31, 2012
i actually heard good reviews from it and have really researched on this pen a lot, and i am not surprised that this pen really fits my lifestyle, so thank you pilot and thank you JET PENS!!!! i super lover this pen!!
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  I won't write with another..., December 2, 2011
I won't write with another pen ... nuff said!!!!!
  I love this pen -- when..., August 7, 2014
By reg...
I love this pen -- when it works. Unfortunately, just when I get comfortable with it's reliability, it shoots craps. I'm beginning to believe that the problem occurs when I leave the desk lay flat on my desk overnight. At some point the next day it will simply stop writing even though there is plenty of ink still in the cartridge.
Very Disappointing - and very expensive to keep changing the cartridge when it's not empty. I have not found a way to make it start writing again - not like other pens where you can scribble on the bottom of your shoe to get it going again - or lightly hold a lighter to it -- nothing works.
Love it when it works, but it never keeps working -- I've used it off & on for the past year or so. Won't buy another that's for sure.
  Picked this up for taking..., February 13, 2014
By jet...
Picked this up for taking notes in physics. Replaced all but my fountain pen.
  i didn pay attention..., January 28, 2014
By jas...
i didn pay attention very well when i bought this pen. It really doesnt have a grip. the matte finish makes it harder to grip on top of not having a grip. i felt like the ink refills were pleasant to use. it was nice to have so many colors in one pen
  I usually hate multi-pens..., December 26, 2013
I usually hate multi-pens because of their grip size. They come off as bulky and clumsy to me. I was very pleasantly surprised with this coleto. The grip is actually pretty slim for a multi-pen. I love having the 4 color option, which becomes very customizable if you get the 10 color cartridge set with it. I have found that the coleto refills seem smoother than the regular hi-tec-c refills. The pen looks very sleek. Overall, great to write with, great to look at. You can't go wrong.

I use a blue-black, orange, red, and green combo. Just wanted to throw that in there lol.
  Just received yesterday..., July 18, 2013
By pcr...
Just received yesterday and I'm happy using it today. I choose 0.4 ink in violet, red, aqua blue and light green and it writes smooth and gives a fine line. The feel of the pen is perfect, it's slimmer than the Dr Grip 4+1 multipen. I recommend this pen for anyone who likes to color code notes.
  This body is twice as..., April 28, 2013
By roqz
This body is twice as expensive as the Coleto Me, but doesn't include a rubber grip, which I prefer. Also, the Coleto Me is not available in black, just gray and other fluorescent colors. So, this is your only option if you want a non-clear black Coleto body.
  This pen is great, some..., March 20, 2013
By zer...
This pen is great, some of the details given on the site - and some reviews - are misleading since the body of this pen is made of metal. It is NOT metallic plastic. It is this that makes this a real step up from the cheaper variants made for these refills by pilot.
  All in all, I love it...., August 12, 2011
All in all, I love it. This pen rocks, if you love the Hi-Tec C (and a lot of people do) and like having multiple colors at your disposal at the the click of a button then you owe it to yourself to pick this pen up.
  First multi-pen I bought..., July 31, 2011
First multi-pen I bought and I'm very satisfied!

At first I thought it was a little thick, but after buying more multi-pens, I realize that it's quite thin for the traditional multi-plunger pen (approx 11mm where you hold it). Also, I love the matte texture and the professional look. I'm not a huge fan of grips, so I'm happy that this one doesn't have one.

As for the ink itself, the gel refills do run out quite quickly. Refills are a breeze: just pop the back up and slide it in. I prefer ballpoints to gels, but these are pretty good at laying down dark lines. (Gels just put down ink too freely for my writing style, so I tend to get a lot of streaking as I go from letter to letter because I don't lift the pen off the page that much.)

Anyway, really happy with this purchase. Even though it's relatively costly ($23 when I bought it with four new gel inks), I thought it was a good purchase decision.
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  I love the hi-tec-c coleto..., August 19, 2012
I love the hi-tec-c coleto line - no other multi pen (that I have found) offers the option of being able to have as many pencil or eraser components as you can fit in the pen body (most manufacturers only accommodate one pencil per pen body). I had previously purchased the "Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Me 4 Color Multi Pen Body Component - Soft Green" from jetpens and found it to be too lightweight for my taste (though exactly as advertised). I decided to purchase this pen in hopes that it would be a happy medium between the weight/quality offered other multis (like the Dr. Grip 4+1 multi sold on this site) and the versatility offered by the hi-tec-c coleto line. This expectation did not seem unreasonable, as the listed shipping weight for this pen (0.85 oz) fell well in between the listed weights for the Coleto Me (0.30 oz) and the Dr. Grip multi (1.4 oz). Additionally, the price of this pen was identical to the Dr. Grip multi and double that of the Coleto Me. However, the pen I received was nearly identical in weight and quality to the Coleto Me (and packaged identically). To make sure that my qualitative assessment of the pen was fair, I weighed all three pens (without any components) on a highly-accurate lab scale, and I found that, as I had suspected, the weight of this pen body (0.39 oz) was barely any larger than the Coleto Me (0.32 oz) and much lighter than the Dr. Grip multi (0.83 oz). I am not sure if this is just a fluke, but if not then I find the listed shipping weight to be very deceptive and the price charged for this pen to be ridiculously high. This type of false advertising is not what I have come to expect from jetpens after years of quality service and products. Save yourself some money and disappointment and purchase the Coleto Me instead.
0 out of 5 people found the following review helpful
  my lumio arrived broken...., July 28, 2011
By cie...
my lumio arrived broken. the plastic adhering all cartridges together were snapped, i realize that it is not well made, i actually like my old cheaper barrels instead. not worth the $
i am returning it and getting a refund.