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I love my Hi-Tec-C pen...
November 25, 2014
Verified Purchase
I love my Hi-Tec-C pen with its easy interchanging functionality. I bought these pencil and eraser components to expand the pen's functionality. The mechanical eraser component works but it's small form makes it a delicate mechanism to remove and to add. And being a tiny, little eraser it can get eaten up quickly.
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The eraser quality is...
September 30, 2015
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The eraser quality is not so good and the amount of the eraser that can be peeking through is very small, or else, it bends too much and breaks when erasing.
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Erasers are fairly nice....
March 16, 2012
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Erasers are fairly nice. Pricy for the amount of eraser your getting though. Wears down very fast and does not smudge.
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Very nice erasers, I...
February 6, 2016
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Very nice erasers, I just wish they would make them a little bigger.
I like them so much...
April 7, 2015
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I like them so much that got them for my wife
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