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  I've tried to use the..., December 29, 2009
By glo...
I've tried to use the Hi-Tec-C gel pens. They start out really nice, smooth, and inky. As I continue to write with them, however, the lines become more faint and eventually I cannot use them at all - I am left with a nearly filled ink cartridge. ): I've tried my best to revive my pens, and I have not yet been successful. Maybe it is because I write with more pressure? Or it is because my pens come from Taiwan? o_O I don't know. But, my Sliccis never do this to me - so now I use Sliccis exclusively. So 5 in the beginning (because it writes so well and smooth), a 1 in the end (because it is useless and makes me feel sadpanda).
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  Great pen, writes well,..., October 29, 2010
Great pen, writes well, desperately needs a better grip for extended writing.

One of the better pens I have used, but I frequently run into problems with the ink drying up and requiring a fews seconds of scribbling before ink starts running again.

The tip of the pen is definitely intimidating, but it produces a minor scratching feeling whenever used to write, and that may turn some people off. A little annoyance for me, but no real big deal.

Don't expect to write with this pen for too long, as the barrel is very thin, and the design just starts to hurt your writing hand after a short while.
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  Too scratchy when writing...., April 30, 2009
Too scratchy when writing. Plus, at times, the .5mm one gives out way too much ink....

i am wondering why everyone was in love with this pen and after haivng tested a few hi tec c's with varying tip sizes, i've concluded that people have been following the herd as opposed to buying this pen for it's quality/writing ability.

i wish i could send these back =/ i bought 4 of them.
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  Okay, so I just got this..., July 19, 2008
Okay, so I just got this pen from a friend who went to Japan and brought back some pens.
First of all, I would like to say, that this is a bit scratchy.
It writes EXTREMELY well though.
It flows well, it has good consistent ink, and it does not smear.

The irks in this pen, at least for me, lie in the barrel and the point.
The point feels delicate, so it just doesn't feel natural sometimes.
The barrel feels somewhat cheap, and I don't really like the grip. It is just raised plastic, so if your hands ever get sweaty, then it gets uncomfortable.

Still, it is very recommended!
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  THESE ARE THE BEST But..., February 3, 2006
But i must confess ^ that they do get clogged up with dried ink bits and paper, that happens when you buy the ones in taiwan. My aunt bought me a set of Hi-tec-Cs and pentel hybrid technicas, both clogged up, and found out the ink was old. lol believe it or not, sometimes pens get old. So what i do is get a cotton ball of rubbing alcohol, poke it with my pentip for about 30 seconds, and its good as new. Flows great after!
  An overall solid pen..., October 4, 2012
An overall solid pen that i don't mind writing with.

These pens are good at laying down a nice, consistently thin line, which is nice when i have to write in hangul or tiny in general. They tend to write a little scratchy, but nothing I can't tolerate.

The tips are pointy and delicate. I've had several of these pens ruined after they rolled off my desk tip first onto an unforgiving industrial tile floor. I guess they're a bit like drafting pencils in this regard, so do be mindful of the tips.

B+ would draw nude pictures of girls on public transport with this pen again.

  This pen puts the Uniball..., July 23, 2012
By wmc...
This pen puts the Uniball Signo .28 to shame...
  If you're looking for..., July 23, 2012
By wmc...
If you're looking for a super-fine point under 0.4 this is the pen! Look no further...
  I like this series of..., August 28, 2008
I like this series of gel pens. I have all 4 nib sizes. The nib, some say, is fragile but I don't believe that is the case, at least not in my experience. I don't have to press hard to get them to make a mark so I am less likely to break the nibs than someone with a heavy hand. If you treat these pens right they perform just fine.

The 0.25mm nib of course makes the finest line and the 0.5mm the widest. However, and it should come as no surprise, the smaller the nib the "rougher" the pen feels when writing with it. However the nibs being smaller in diameter than other pens their nib size they make for excellent drafting/drawing pens when you use a straight edge such as a triangle or ruler. Again one does not have to press hard to get these pens to produce a line.

The ink in these pens is dark and the pens write without skipping or the ink running out unevenly. The ink supply is typical of such pens, maybe a tad more generous. The clear plastic barrels have a ribbed surface for grasping near the nib. The are as comfortable as any plastic barreled pen or pencil. The only thing that could make these pens any better is to make the retractable.
  shipped product does..., June 25, 2008
shipped product does not have a rubber grip.
  This is a okay pen, nice..., June 3, 2008
This is a okay pen, nice line and kinda smooth but after the tip breaks its f 'in stupid.
Me will noot buoy thes agoin.
This is ABOOT RESPECT and this pen did noot show me RESPECT!
  i love hi tec c's, so..., October 5, 2007
i love hi tec c's, so when i found some foray pens at office depot i got excited... .3 mm, and they looked ALOT like hi tec c's (exact same barrel, slightly different cap) . they were only 9.99 for 8, in different colors so i decided to try them out. basically to see if they would be good to hold me off when i run out and can't get a order to jetpens right away... well, don't waste your money on the knockoff's!!! the ink in them is so watery, it spreads all over the paper and you end up with a line like a .7 gel pen. there is also less ink than in a hi tec c, and i'm sure they'll end up running out alot faster as well. so.... just a little heads up for everyone out there. you get what you pay for!!
  iv only got 1 black .3..., May 14, 2006
iv only got 1 black .3 at the moment by that pen can sure write wonderfully, so smooth and has a great colour. i use it for note takes in class and it is a dream to write with
  This pen is a dream...., January 6, 2006
This pen is a dream. Try it, you will be in love.
  I actually managed to..., October 9, 2005
I actually managed to pick up a couple of these in China. They looked a lot like normal pens except for the curiously higher price, but it's completely worth it. I've been searching for something thinner than the bleedy pens sold at .5mm here in the States and this is it. It's thin, has good flow, and lasts a goodly while to boot!
  I LOVE these pens. I..., September 4, 2005
I LOVE these pens. I refuse to use ballpoint pens for taking notes in class. Regular ballpoint pens muddle words together whereas Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.30 pens make words so clear and easy to read. also has great prices for these expensive pens!
  I have only had that..., June 9, 2005
I have only had that problem a couple times with these pens and I go through them quite quickly. If it does happen, I am usually pretty succesful in replacing the tip with one of the pen tips I have used up...then it works just fine. You need to be careful not to bed or crush the tip. It is a possibility you may be pressing hard when writing?
  These pens are remarkable...., May 31, 2005
By waylo
These pens are remarkable. My mother brought me back a 10-pack from Taiwan several years ago and that's when I first discovered them. Anytime anyone remotely related/friendly to me goes to Asia, I beg them to bring back ~30-50 of these things. There, they are $0.50/refill.

The ONLY problem I have found, and would love to see if anyone else has had this issue, is that with with the 0.3mm black, after only several days of use, the tip "clogs" up and I'm left with a useless, fully charged ink barrel. This has been happening inevitably, without question. I have tried to "scientifically" analyze this problem (well, as much so as one can analyze pen clogging!), and have come up with no answers. I've tried cleaning the tips, removing the tips and washing them (that isn't easy), removing tips from other working pens and replacing them (very difficult as the tips tend to bend), and replacing tips using those from other colors (it seems to ONLY happen with blacks). Nothing has worked. My guess is that ? paper fibers get jammed into the tiny tips of these things and the pen is ruined. This has happened with pens obtained both overseas and from Japanese import stores here in the states. Maybe several bad batches?

This latest trip to Asia I discovered the 0.25 and managed to snag several of those. Time will tell if those have the same issues. For the time being, I've upsized to 0.4mm. We'll also have to see see if these remain patent.
  I'd heard around that..., April 1, 2005
I'd heard around that the Hi-Tec-C is great for sketching and I heard right. I bought a couple to try them out, and the feel of the pen on the paper is bliss. Just ordered more than a dozen more, so I can draw to my heart's content, without worrying that I might run low. Thanks again for carrying these!
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  THIS PEH IS EASY BENT..., August 27, 2011
By jar...
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  This pen wasn't as good..., October 23, 2008
By ekove
This pen wasn't as good as the 0.4mm original hi-tec-c. To begin with, the grip is cheap and no good, period. Also, the tip isn't that comfortable while drawing with, it keeps piercing through my paper, I know it is a thin one but I haven't had this problem with any other 0.3mm from any respectable brand. The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because it still has the same nice ink as 0.4mm. I recommend just sticking to the 0.4mm, it doesn't make that much of a difference anyway if you're just using it for sketching/writing.
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  I have been using G-Tec..., September 3, 2008
I have been using G-Tec C4 pens and Pilot (Precise) P-500's and finding the Hi-Tec-C was great fortune. I have seen some say that the Hi-Tec is the G-Tec with a different name but this is far from true. The ink in the Hi-Tec is far less soluble than that used in the G-Tec and Precise pens (I think the Precise is the American version of the G-Tec as the ink behaves very similarly).

This isn't a knock on the G-Tec or Precise pens, as there are uses for smudging ink. If you would like to wash sketches a bit - the G-Tec and Precise pens are for you - but not the Hi-Tec.

The Hi-Tec is awesome for a fine line that won't smear or smudge. It also works great in Moleskine Sketchbooks and Cahiers. I got both the 0.3mm and 0.25mm Hi-Tec pens and the 0.25mm is ludicrously fine.