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  I was excited to get..., June 28, 2014
By deb...
I was excited to get this pen because I had a Hi-Tec-C Maica that worked pretty well. But, this pen was trouble from the first time I tried writing with it. The ink seemed to be dried up because of the faint writing it produced. But, at times, if I use the correct part of the tip the pen writes just fine. Very inconsistent!
  Love the blue-black,..., February 12, 2013
Love the blue-black, and love the fine tip. I go back-and-forth between this and my signo dx .28, but I find I reach for my hitec-c pens more often. Fair warning to those who write big lettering and/or fast: the fine tips will feel very scratchy to you. If you want/like to write smaller text, this pen is a dream.

On a subjective note: i really like the weight of these, and for whatever reason, i prefer this pen over it's padded-grip equivalent. I guess all that means is, you'll have to buy one of each from jetpens and decide for yourself (I'm glad I did!)
  Nearly 15years ago I..., December 3, 2012
By 1wg...
Nearly 15years ago I was working in Japan and soon discovered these unique and awesome pens.
The write a nice, consistent line and the tips does not get all mushy. Yes, they can seem scratchy if you're not doing something quite right, but that is becauseonly a thin, hard tip will write the kind of thin, .3mm type mechanical pencil kind of lines.

In Japan they sold a pack of these pens in a rainbow of colors. Don't know if that's available here, but it should be.

A few years after I got back from Japan, I asked Pilot Pens of USA why they did not have these same pens here back in the states. His response was the lamest, I-dont'know'whatist one I have ever heard, which was, "We don't sell these pens here because we want to maintain a variety of pens throughout the world."

Whch is a bit funny as I saw in Japan the same Pilot Pense the same ones we have here in the USA.

Anyway, if you are like me you want clean, un-varied lines you will like these pens...for all your writing-related stuff, especially for engineering, math, science, etc. Through the full life of the pen, the point remains just as firm as it was from the factory. I got to add, I hope to get some of these as Christmas presents this year now that I finally found them...again.
  This pen is perfect for..., November 16, 2011
This pen is perfect for consistent, super-thin lines for writing in small margins.
  Main complaint about..., September 28, 2010
By joe_hh
Main complaint about this pen is that it is still too scratchy. Color is OK, probably my third favorite, behind the Uniball Signo, and the Pentel Slicci.
  i think that the .30..., December 11, 2006
By chasez
i think that the .30 is better than the 25 because the 25 is really scratchy and hard to keep still, and i also bought a blue pen with this and this color was much better even though it doesn't have a rubber grip on it. really good pen, this pen has a better ink flow than the 25! good pen!!!