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Disappearing ink! This...
April 1, 2013
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Disappearing ink!
This pen writes very nicely and appears to be well designed except for one killer flaw: the ink is extremely light-sensitive. As part of a lightfastness test, I tried out a range of inks and writing pens, including this one, on strips of paper. One test strip went into a window that receives several hours of sun on sunny days. A duplicate went into a closed drawer.

I was shocked when I peeked a week later, not expecting any changes so early. None of the other samples had faded yet, but the sample of writing from this pen was ALMOST GONE. After another week, it had entirely disappeared! (The duplicate sample in the dark drawer had not changed.) Meanwhile, my other standard writing pens, also with black or brown dye-based inks, had not faded noticeably.

Now, this is early March in New England,not known for its powerful sun exposure anyway, and there were at least as many cloudy days as sunny ones. That ink disappeared faster than any I have ever seen. I would assume that even in a normally lit room it would fade so much that documents left out on a desktop would fade within a week or two. This is not acceptable. The people at Pilot know what dyes are in its inks and knows that this ink is extremely fugitive, much more than other dye-based inks. Shame on them!
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Like thicker tips bette...
March 29, 2016
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Like thicker tips bette . :)
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