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  Amazing pen to draw and..., March 12, 2014
By mal...
Amazing pen to draw and write. I love everything about it. Lots of ink, super black ink, no fading, it's light and comfortable, no ink blob at the tip. It looks great, too.
  If you are looking for..., March 16, 2012
If you are looking for the equivalent(and probably even better version) of the High tech C try the Uni-Ball Signo DX 0.28mm or the zebra sarasa 0.3 mm. Both are absolutely fantastic pens in all respects, and are even better because they're cheaper than the high tech c. Both also come with a grip and do not have a fragile needle point like the high tech c.
  This pen is the smoothest..., June 5, 2011
This pen is the smoothest pen I've bought from Jetpens by far, and the textured grip isn't so bad! I will definitely restock when I run out of ink! :D
  Hands down the best pen..., May 25, 2011
By lis...
Hands down the best pen for writing. period.
0.4 works the best. I usually wirte in script and htis pen is perfect for it. too bad its kind of expensive...... ;(
  This is my absolute favourite..., January 6, 2011
This is my absolute favourite writing pen. Fast drying ink and very smooth use. I've tried the thinner tip 0.3mm and it just doesn't compete with the 0.4 imo. Only criticism I have for this line of pens is the fragile tip. It only takes 1 drop (landing on the tip) to permanently damage it to render it unusable. These are also quite hard to find in my local stationery store and I am therefore glad/thankful that jetpens seem to always have them available.
  These pens are great...., August 18, 2010
These pens are great. I prefer the .4mm to the .3mm because the line is smoother and works well on a greater variety of papers. I find it to be much more reliable and smooth than Microns, however Microns are totally waterproof and I wouldn't recommend these for use with wet media unless you're looking for a water-soluble ink effect.
  I like this series of..., August 28, 2008
I like this series of gel pens. I have all 4 nib sizes. The nib, some say, is fragile but I don't believe that is the case, at least not in my experience. I don't have to press hard to get them to make a mark so I am less likely to break the nibs than someone with a heavy hand. If you treat these pens right they perform just fine.

The 0.25mm nib of course makes the finest line and the 0.5mm the widest. However, and it should come as no surprise, the smaller the nib the "rougher" the pen feels when writing with it. However the nibs being smaller in diameter than other pens their nib size they make for excellent drafting/drawing pens when you use a straight edge such as a triangle or ruler. Again one does not have to press hard to get these pens to produce a line.

The ink in these pens is dark and the pens write without skipping or the ink running out unevenly. The ink supply is typical of such pens, maybe a tad more generous. The clear plastic barrels have a ribbed surface for grasping near the nib. The are as comfortable as any plastic barreled pen or pencil. The only thing that could make these pens any better is to make the retractable.
  wonderful pen, however..., June 25, 2008
wonderful pen, however jetpen's version does not have the rubber grip.
(It should have one)
  The Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.40mm..., February 27, 2007
The Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.40mm pens have to be one of the world's greatest writing instruments. Pilot has provided an incrediably reliable fine point, with an ink composition that is unlike anything else I have used. I originally purchased my first two pens while traveling in Japan, and became discouraged that I could not find them in the US - wherever I went where they were sold, I alway had to stock up. Now with JetPens selling them we have the best of all circumstances! I don't think that I have dealt with an on-line store that is anywhere near as good to deal with. If you are a first time customer, you are in for a treat with JetPens!
  I love my Hi-Tec-C pens...., January 18, 2007
I love my Hi-Tec-C pens. In order to get them I used to have my officemate order them from her dad since he went to Japan on business once a year. I was starting to run out of ink in my last pen and was dreading the day. I'm so excited that I found Jet Pen. Now I won't be a pen Natzi with my friends when they want to use one. I hope you guys stay around for awhile. The discovery of your site has made my year!
  Thank you! I've been..., July 7, 2006
Thank you! I've been waiting forever for an American retailer to carry these. I discovered these pens while traveling through Europe about 6 years ago. I tried to buy them in the US and even contacted Pilot about why they didn't sell these in the US, Pilot replied because of patent law issues.
Its nice to know their finally available instead of buying them all the way across the world. Hope Jetpens is around for awhile. I'll be buying again!
  Being a med student I'm..., May 8, 2005
Being a med student I'm pretty demanding about notetaking and these pens are the absolute best. I've been using them ever since high school, but since they aren't readily available in the US would either have to wait for friends to bring them back from Japan or go to JapanTown in San Francisco for them. They write amazingly well with crisp thin lines, no smudging, and no bleeding through pages. Use these pens once and you'll be hooked.
  These pens are the best!..., April 2, 2005
These pens are the best! So precise, and with so many ink colors. Thank you!!!
  It is certainly a great..., March 10, 2005
It is certainly a great pen, I can see why these are all the rage. Too thin and precise for my taste, however.
  Wow! These pens are just..., February 26, 2005
Wow! These pens are just so good to write with. I tried one two years ago and have since been searching for a nice retailer where I could get them easily and in so many colors.
  My favorite out of the..., February 24, 2005
My favorite out of the 4 sizes so far. These pens are quite durable, as long as you don't have a heavy hand. I'm a delivery driver and made the mistake of taking this pen with me on deliveries one night for customer signatures and one of them bent the tip! They're used to big bulky pens I guess. Try it out. It gives a nice crisp, clean, consistant line and it dries pretty quickly. They work great with prisma color markers.
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  This is the most amazing..., July 1, 2011
By deb...
This is the most amazing pen I've ever written with. I bought the 0.4mm and 0.28mm sizes a while back, and they've surely grown on me. Unlike other pens that I've used, and lost, this is one that I must have on me at all times. The tip is so fine, and the ink is perfect... Every stroke it totally smooth. No smudges, no nicks or skips or anything. Even my coworkers have tried to pocket this gem for themselves!