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Works very well; precision...
July 20, 2012
Verified Purchase
Works very well; precision writing with no smearing, no globs of ink, ordering my second batch of 10. Love the blue-black as well as the black colors for my writing.
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Writes very well. The...
November 6, 2014
Writes very well. The ink color is perfect. So precise and so smooth at the same time. The only problem with this is the level of ink. The ink gets used up pretty quickly. Make sure you order more than one.
All the Hi-Tech C pens...
September 2, 2010
All the Hi-Tech C pens write great but, WATCH OUT! They are NOT waterproof at all. I got a paper wet that I'd written with a Hi-Tec-C pen and the words literally ran right off the page.
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