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June 15, 2012
So I actually used one...
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So I actually used one of these pens for day to day writing until it stopped working, and simultaneously used a Uniball Signo 0.28mm for the same purposes until it ran out of ink. I filled up one Doane pad, and two Clairefontaine pads with notes. I'll compare the two:

-The Uni-Ball pen lays down a thick, smeary river of ink, while the Pilot pen is far more sparing. I used both pens at about the same rate, and the Uni-Ball ran out when the Pilot was at about 2/3 expired.

-Both pens stopped working at around the same time. The Uni-ball ran out of ink, but the Pilot's tip just stopped functioning for some reason. There was no obvious mechanical failure, but with about 1/3 of its ink reservoir remaining, lines became spotty, faint, or not inked at all. I'm not very hard on these pens-- My writing style does not put very much pressure on the tip.

-The Pilot pen made the better line. Lines had superior definition, and smudged less overall.

-The uni-ball pen made a much more consistent line. It smudged more easily, and had poorer definition, but it performed in exactly the same manner until it ran out of ink. The Pilot pen sometimes took a few lines of writing until it started acting normally, and the quality of the line varied from day to day and line to line.

-Both pens were very nice to write with. The Pilot pen had a slight advantage, but both felt very good compared to other pens.

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December 30, 2013
It performs excellently...
It performs excellently when you first buy it; the lines are finer, the writing crispier, and writing in general gives a much better control in comparison to Ball pens and speed in comparison to traditional Fountain pens.
But as the weeks pass by, its quality starts falling. The writing ink becomes inconsistent; for example, if you have to write "following", it will write "foll" well, then skip "ow" and again write "ing", and this problem happens a lot. Secondly there is this problem with the ball at the tip; I have bought two Pilot pens till date, in both cases, the ball just disappeared one day! And since there is no refill that you can change, basically your whole pen becomes useless because of the ball falling off (or going inside, because sometimes if you keep the pen lying useless for a year or so, the ball comes back in place). Thirdly, the pen is just not the same as time goes on. I mean, by the time the ink runs out and you have to do a refilling, the tip becomes quite blunt, so the crisp writing is no more and it starts feeling like a ball pen. Add to that the inconsistency, and you have a quite frustrating experience. Finally, I made the mistake of washing the pen couple of days ago, since the ink dried up after not using it for so long. Now the pen doesn't write a single word. Fill it up with as much ink as you want. It will start leaking from that small hole, but still it won't write.
Overall, the idea behind this pen was creative and innovative. But it gets old way too quickly, and the problems are serious and common. I will give it a 2/5 rating.

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April 24, 2009
This pen lays down an...
This pen lays down an amazingly fine line. However, I usually write with the pen at a heavy slant (I'm a lefty) and the Hi-Tec-C doesn't like that one bit. When taking notes in class, the ink frequently sputters which is, needless to say, annoying. They work just fine for my girlfriend though.

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December 29, 2014
This has a nice fine...
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This has a nice fine line, but I find it a bit to "scratchy" for my taste, so it's out of the pencil case and into the drawer.

December 26, 2014
I love fine points, but...
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I love fine points, but this one is really too think for everyday use. Great for checkbook registers though.

December 18, 2014
I love these Hi-Tec-C...
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I love these Hi-Tec-C Gel Ink Pens, BUT I just wish the grip was more squishy or thicker instead of how thin the grip is.

October 25, 2014
Writes as smooth and...
Verified Purchase
Writes as smooth and as thin as i remember it did, 10/10 would buy again

October 18, 2014
Doesn't live up to the...
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Doesn't live up to the hype. I still prefer pentel hybrid Technics's 03 pen.

July 5, 2014
This is my absolute favorite...
This is my absolute favorite pen. Ink flow is a bit iffy at first but once you start using it, it runs just fine. Other reviews complain about the scratchy feel but to be quite honest I rather like it, it has a similar feeling to a pencil; a couple people I showed the pen to actually thought it was a mechanical pencil of sorts.
Hoping to purchase more sizes and colors in the future. My only nitpick is the ink is water based, so watercolor and such isn't usable - a shame. (trust me, i've tried many times)

November 21, 2013
When I first started...
Verified Purchase
When I first started writing, this pen was great. Nice fine line, consistent ink, did three pages of notes without trouble. The next day (today) I go back to my notes (pen has been capped and stored point down, as I keep all my pens) and 3/4 of a page in, the ink is drying out. It's inconsistent, and only picks back up when I shake the pen, which results in an inconsistent, messy looking page of text.

Would have given this a great review- if I only planned to use it for one day. As it is, the 0.3 Hybrid Technica by Pentel has all the same benefits, and has lasted much longer than one day of writing without giving me trouble. If this one gives out on you quick like it did to me, you might check out the Pentel.