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Ever since reading about...
October 16, 2014
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Ever since reading about this pen in the weekend WSJ a couple of years ago, in an article about professional artists who happened to mention their favorite pens, this has been my go-to pen. I started with the 0.4mm and loved it, but then I tried the 0.5mm and it really hit the spot. I'm very particular about my pens and this one is so smooth and does not smudge. The fact that it's refillable is a big plus. I don't need cushiony grips or fancy barrels, so this design is perfect for me. And Jet Pens fills orders so quickly! What's not to like?
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Nice color. Downside...
May 11, 2009
Nice color. Downside for me is that sometimes the pen lets too much ink out. also, the tip is not like a sharp needle point tip. it's a wider and almost jagged feeling point that lets the ink out. this makes it feel horrible on paper. the color is great and it's great for taking quick notes but i personally would not be able to sit through an entire class taking notes with it. besides, the experience i've had is that it tends to get dry like 20 minutes into taking notes. not good.

Would I buy other .5mm Hi Tec C's again? Probably not but that's just me. Everyone else seems to love 'em.
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I have tried tons of...
June 10, 2008
I have tried tons of gel pens. In terms of the best blue gel ink color, I think Pilot wins. I love the 0.5mm version because the ink flow is generous and is less likely to dry up or clog. I find with the thinner hi-tec-c points, the pen tends to dry out or clog very easily. I can hardly finish a pen without it dying in the middle.

With the 0.5mm, I don't have that problem.

If you like the color of this ink, I also suggest you to try the Pilot G-3 in blue 0.38mm. That's an extremely good pen (I feel it's even better than the hi-tec-c at a cheaper cost too). It might be 0.38mm, but it actually writes equivalent or maybe slightly thicker than a 0.5mm hi-tec-c.
Get this for the case,...
July 25, 2006
Verified Purchase
Get this for the case, it owns the other normal hi-tec-c without the rubber grip. Change the ink inside if you want it to become like 0.4 or 0.3.
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