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The Hi-Tec-C Maica takes the precision needle-point tip and smooth-writing gel ink of the standard Hi-Tec-C and decks them out with a colorful, jewel-themed body. In lieu of a clip, it features a loop for attaching the pen to a lanyard or embellishing it with charms. The name "Maica" is both a reference to the pen's sparkling appearance and an encouragement to choose your favorite "my color" pen.

This set contains 12 colors: Apricot Orange, Baby Pink, Black, Blue, Blue Black, Brown, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, and Violet.

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I wish I could give this...
December 25, 2013
Verified Purchase
I wish I could give this set 10 stars. Pilot does it again with this pen set, and has forever instilled in me a love for the brand and its products. With many gel pen sets, you always have a few pens (usually oranges and pinks) that lay down a light, too-white line that renders the pens unusable on normal white stock paper. Not so with the Maica.

The first thing I did when I got this set was test out the lightest pen colors, particularly Apricot Orange, Baby Pink, and Light Blue. As soon as the pen tips touched paper, however, all of my fears for having three unusable pens were absolved. Not only are these colors usable, they are distinct colors in themselves. Both the Apricot Orange and Baby Pink are softer, warmer colors than their Orange and Pink counterparts. The Light Blue pen was the best surprise. The color is not light at all and is more like a vibrant sky blue hue. This became one of my favorite colors in the set, and I would even purchase this color by itself.

Also, despite the needlepoint, the pen writes incredibly smoothly with no skips or line unevenness, and wow, are the colors super vibrant.

I would recommend this pen to anyone who is looking for a needlepoint pen with vibrant ink. The packaging is a little girly (of which I am not particularly a fan, especially when I use it at work), but the writing experience is so wonderful that this is a very minimal concern for me.
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This is an amazing pen....
January 29, 2014
Verified Purchase
This is an amazing pen. I saw the review on some other site and just fell in love with them even before using them.
I bought 4 blacks and 4 blues including this whole set.

The 4 blacks and 4 blues were all given away to friends and family and I'm using the set at this time.
I absolutely love them and the colours are incredibly vivid. The flow of the ink is just like Pilot Hi-tec C but glides much more softly.
Everybody who received them from me loves them and I just feel like I should get some incentives from Pilot for 'advertising' so much.

Very thin (love thin pens) and strong too!

I switch back and forth with this and Uni Signo and they all work great for me.
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I'm not ashamed to say,...
January 15, 2016
Verified Purchase
I'm not ashamed to say, I purchased these pens because of how beautiful the photos made them appear. What I didn't realize was how absolutely gorgeous they were going to be in real life. I am hypnotized by them.

The pens feel excellent in hand while the ink is vibrant and flows smoothly. I have noticed a little scratching on some lower quality and toothy papers, but standard notebook papers and finer produce a soothing writing experience. Paler colors still show up. Even Baby Pink and Apricot Orange can be seen on white and cream papers. Being refillable is a real bonus.

I have only a single, simple gripe and it's more on my end than the product. It's not the 0.3 mm size I am accustomed to. I tested several other 0.3 mm pens against this set just to see if my imagination was fooling me. It wasn't. They really are smaller than any of my other pens - a true needle point. For aging eyes, this can be a bit of a problem.

Even with that, I love these pens. I can't wait to get another set, this time in the 0.4 mm size. These will work well for anyone who prefers small print or enjoys precise, detailed work.
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Dani Moundshroud
I'd originally only purchased...
November 20, 2015
Verified Purchase
I'd originally only purchased one of these pens to see what it was all about and found myself using it way more than expected. They are priceless when updating complicated spreadsheets. So much so I've found myself saving my hand written notes because they now look much neater than they did previously. I mean formulas solved on small sticky notes. Who does that? I do now, and stick them right on the spread sheet next to the tiny cell whose entry I was checking. These pens are just what I need for the tiny spaces in planner pages as well. Now that I have the whole set I can color code important entries. The "tough" part now will be finding a coordinating charm to hang from the cap of each color.
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I have ordered three...
October 2, 2015
Verified Purchase
I have ordered three sets of these pens. The first ones were .03 points, and while I found them easy to use, especially writing tiny script for notes, if I dropped one on the floor, the tip has a tenancy to break rendering the pen useless. I ordered my next sets in.04 points and they work much better. I love the colors, sometimes they will skip and scratch, but for the most part I love them.
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