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It writes about as well...
April 4, 2013
Verified Purchase
It writes about as well as other Hi-Tec-C pens, which is to say quite well but not without room for some improvement. (I have several Hi-Tec-Cs because I like the smaller points available and the colors, so I am not put off by their minor shortcomings like skipping from time to time on some papers.) Out of those I have, this pen body is my favorite. It's a little thicker, a little weightier (in a good way), a little longer and there's no special grip but there is a difference in diameter at the collar of the pen where it rests on my fingers- all this makes a big difference in how comfortable it is to use for extended periods. Also, it's beautiful- for an inexpensive plastic pen, it looks very nice & the elaboration is pretty without being chintzy.
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This pen is really light...
July 4, 2014
Verified Purchase
This pen is really light and writes smoother than expected for a needle point pen. The cap is somewhat annoying but everyone buying this one must be aware of that challenge. The blue-black color is significantly less intense compared to the zebra sarasa, so i am going to stick with those.
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I have purchased this...
February 9, 2014
Verified Purchase
I have purchased this color, black as well as brown. All of them are very smooth, feather, and are perfect for sketching. As a lefty I haven't experience smudging. They also are capable of bleeding if you want a wash effect with these!
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This pen is great! Very...
December 4, 2013
This pen is great! Very smooth, writes a clean, solid & thin line. Also, the fact that it has the gem makes it pretty unique! Easy to grab from a pile! I've been using it all semester and it hasn't failed me yet!
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This pen is perfect for...
October 19, 2013
This pen is perfect for my needs. It does not smudge and the lines are perfect for writing in tight spaces. I got the whole set and while some of the colors are not my favorite the variety is great!
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I have been an avid user...
August 7, 2013
Verified Purchase
I have been an avid user of the Hi-Tec-C pens for many years, and have had few complaints - they come with excellent ink color density, and the point is significantly better than other 0.4mm pens on the market. However, being equipped with large hands, the typical Hi-Tec-C always had me fumbling a bit to secure a proper grip before starting to write or sketch. I purchased the Maica after reading a review which indicated the pen was slightly larger in diameter, and a little longer than the normal Hi-Tec-C. The reviewer was spot on, and the Maica has quickly become my favorite writing instrument! I write, sketch, and make engineering design notations in a journal, every day of the week, and this pen is well suited for all the tasks.
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I bought this pen, not...
June 24, 2013
Verified Purchase
I bought this pen, not because I needed a blue black in my pen pallet (I have the blue slim Majolica Majorca Uniball I could always pop a blue black into), but because I thought this pen out of this whole collection was the most beautiful. But I am so sad that I dropped it and bent the nib! But it still works fine, just not as well as my other Hi-Tec-C Maicas. I have this one, the red, orange, light orange, light blue, green, black, purple, pink, and brown, and they are all absolutely FABULOUS pens. They write like a dream, significant difference between them and the Uniballs (but the Majolica Majorca pen bodies, just entirely too cute, and the 5 color ones are my everyday carry pens), cannot recommend them enough. Beautiful pens, an absolute pleasure to write with, and beautiful additions to my trusty gel pen pallet (I say additions, but I actually have more of these than any other kind of pen!).
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This pen is so reasonably...
May 13, 2013
Verified Purchase
This pen is so reasonably priced and is simply pretty. I love the color of the body of the pen. It draws attention without working at it. It writes perfectly. I do a lot of note taking and it's just fine. I usually stay away from gel pens because of skipping when I can see the ink in the pen. It was always such a waste but so far this pen is holding up pretty good. I found lovely charms for my pen too. I love this pen.
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I'm new to the thin tips...
November 1, 2015
Verified Purchase
I'm new to the thin tips and this is my first .4 gel pen. I love it! The blue-black ink is rich and bold, and I appreciate that it has no rubber grip (I'm allergic). The barrel is gorgeous! The diamond at the top is a beautiful accent. This is probably the most elegant pen I've ever owned. I would definitely take this pen to work meetings and/or interviews -- it's a wowser!
I really like using this...
October 25, 2015
Verified Purchase
I really like using this pen for zentangle Art because it is very precise. The blue black color is very nice and the ink flows really smoothly. This pen is great if you need extra fine lines.
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