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  This pen is TINY! I..., November 30, 2012
This pen is TINY! I was surprised that it is so much smaller than the normal pen. It might work out for special uses, such as inside a journal or kept in a pocket. It isn't what it looks like in the picture. it is 4.75 inches long, very light, slim. Just a notice to other Jet Pen shoppers!
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  I like the form factor..., November 10, 2010
By ste...
I like the form factor since I have relatively small hands, but I would suggest the .4 over these. The pen does make fine lines but the writing experience is really "scratchy" and not smooth like I am used to with Pilot gel pens.

In comparison, the Signo Bit .18 is much finer but writes much "smoother" than this pen. Go with the .4 for a smoother writing experience.
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  This pen was fine for..., July 29, 2010
By riv...
This pen was fine for a while and wrote very well for the first couple weeks, then as i was writing gently the tip got destroyed and it just cant write at all. I would not recommend this pen.
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  Pros: - Good looking,..., March 17, 2010
- Good looking, good size for a purse pen
- Writes in a very fine line...when it writes

- The clip is way too tight. I tried clipping it to a couple sheets of paper. It was difficult to get on and left a crease on the paper after I removed it.
- The pen skips a lot. Regular Hi-Tec C's occasionally skip/get clogged, but this pen was horrible.
- Ink runs out rather quickly, and considering the price of the refill and the amount of ink you get, there are much better pens you could buy.
- The barrel is really slim, as expected. I didn't mind this, but I imagine that people with larger hands would find this pen uncomfortable to write with.

Overall, a very disappointing purchase.
  It is a good pen. Not..., February 1, 2011
It is a good pen. Not the best but certainly not the worst. Comfortable to use but the ink flow is not as smooth as I prefer.
  This is my favorite pen...., December 16, 2009
This is my favorite pen. I have had it for 2 years and despite using it all the time it is still in great shape. Every time I have refilled it the new ink cartridge has worked perfectly. In 6 or so refills I have never had any troubles like those described in the other reviews.

This is a nice small pen, great for pockets. I have small hands and find this a very comfortable fit.

I originally bought this pen in Japan and was seriously bummed when it ran out of ink. I am very glad to have found JetPens and lots of ink for my best pen!
  I liked the size of this..., September 23, 2009
I liked the size of this pen however I did also find that after a short time, the ink flow diminishes/fades and would then completely stop working. It happened twice. Its disappointing especially when there is a full barrel of ink clearly left and I wanted so much to like this pen.
  I have used this pen...., June 11, 2009
I have used this pen. Very fine lines excellent, and looks very neat on the piece of paper but after sometime the flow of the ink starts to diminish. Could it be the different paper material. The barrel is too thin to hold.
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  This is the worst pen..., December 21, 2011
By parisa
This is the worst pen I have ever used in my life. It is worse than BIC pens even. The ink does not flow well at all. It often skips. Additionally, it is very, very scratchy. Maybe the 0.4mm is better, but I am not willing to take a chance.
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  The ink does not flow..., July 20, 2011
The ink does not flow smoothly at all
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  When i first got this..., June 15, 2011
By mel...
When i first got this pen, i was highly disappointed; the pen was scratchy and the tip felt as though it would not last against my notebook paper no matter how softly i tried to write. However, i bought a new notebook with smoother, nicer paper and i don't like to write with anything else! it writes thin but there's no scratching and i no longer feel as though it's going to break when i use it. i do love this pen, but i don't feel it's appropriate for regular notebook or loose leaf paper.