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May 2, 2008
If you like the Hi-Tec...
Verified Purchase
If you like the Hi-Tec regular pen - this is so much better. Even though it's small it feels solid when you write with it and its perfect to keep with you always. Definitely worth trying. I use the Uniball .28 pen every day - I think this one might replace it - it's that great!

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July 29, 2011
Highly recommended! I've...
Verified Purchase
Highly recommended!

I've gone through 7 of these pens now. I love them. They consistently write the same every time. The ink ALWAYS 100% of the time flows without skipping IF YOU WRITE SMALL, like the pen was DESIGNED to do. These pens are designed for writing extremely small. Can I say that again? SMALL. If you write big, the pen WILL SKIP.. surprise!

Writes extremely small :)

The ink runs out quickly.
It will skip if you don't use the writing style it is designed for.
The ink is NOT water proof / chemical resistant / paper impregnating.
The pen is very little. If you are used to regular sized pens, it will take some getting used to.
The clip is extremely sturdy; will rip standard paper

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September 18, 2010
Too small and insubstantial...
Too small and insubstantial for my liking. Could be great to keep clipped to a checkbook or a small journal or something, but it's very light in weight and small in size.

I feel like it gets lost in my hand, and the very fine 0.3 mm line only adds to that effect.

I writes really nicely, though. I wouldn't discourage anyone from buying it, especially if they like a really small and slim pen.

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March 17, 2010
Pros: - Good looking,...
- Good looking, good size for a purse pen
- Writes in a very fine line...when it writes

- The clip is way too tight. I tried clipping it to a couple sheets of paper. It was difficult to get on and left a crease on the paper after I removed it.
- The pen skips a lot. Regular Hi-Tec C's occasionally skip/get clogged, but this pen was horrible.
- Ink runs out rather quickly, and considering the price of the refill and the amount of ink you get, there are much better pens you could buy.
- The barrel is really slim, as expected. I didn't mind this, but I imagine that people with larger hands would find this pen uncomfortable to write with.

Overall, a very disappointing purchase.

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September 16, 2011
Very good petite pen...
Verified Purchase
Very good petite pen - perfect for keeping with a planner or checkbook. However, slightly too small to grip comfortably, and the ink is a little bit scratchy, making it hard to write quickly and neatly.

May 21, 2010
Overall, I like this...
Verified Purchase
Overall, I like this pen. If you don't mind the small size(and it is very small) it writes just like a regular Hi-Tec-C. I haven't had the problems that other reviewers have, will update if I encounter anything!

November 28, 2009
I imagine it's ignorance,...
Verified Purchase
I imagine it's ignorance, but I had no idea this pen was really small. I still do like it, it has a comfortable grip and doesn't feel like i might shatter it, but it is not very long at all. I figured I would comment just in case anyone who is a little more ignorant of the fine point gel pen genre (like me) would want to know.

October 17, 2009
I am a pen nut. I love...
Verified Purchase
I am a pen nut. I love to write and have been looking for fine tip pens with a smooth feel.
There are few pens available with very fine tips. I have searched them out and use them all, but this pen is my new favorite. I intend to buy a couple dozen because I never want to be without one of these. I only wish it were available with many more ink red-black, and brown-black.

October 7, 2009
In theory, this pen should...
Verified Purchase
In theory, this pen should be amazing. Smooth body, tiny .3mm tip, and a compact size. The only problem for me, is I feel like I'm going to crush the pen if I squeeze too hard! It's slightly stressful! I also don't like that the ink doesn't always flow well, and you get the scratchy spots. But other than that, I love the nib size and the ink color!