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Pros: - Good looking,...
March 17, 2010
- Good looking, good size for a purse pen
- Writes in a very fine line...when it writes

- The clip is way too tight. I tried clipping it to a couple sheets of paper. It was difficult to get on and left a crease on the paper after I removed it.
- The pen skips a lot. Regular Hi-Tec C's occasionally skip/get clogged, but this pen was horrible.
- Ink runs out rather quickly, and considering the price of the refill and the amount of ink you get, there are much better pens you could buy.
- The barrel is really slim, as expected. I didn't mind this, but I imagine that people with larger hands would find this pen uncomfortable to write with.

Overall, a very disappointing purchase.
I feel bad for the guy...
December 27, 2009
Verified Purchase
I feel bad for the guy with the air bubbles - I've only ordered one of these, and I just checked - no air bubbles that I can see... and I've had it for some months. I realized that I really like it and wanted to order a few more - and thought I'd put a few words here while I'm at it.

As for my experience, it is awesome, and I love it. It's ultra-fine 0.3mm tip gives a very fine line, but always smooth.. particularly considering how fine it is! My partner doesn't like it as much, but she doesn't like very fine lines/tips in general. So if you do like very fine, this one is great!

I'll leave another note if I get any that appear to have any sort of air bubbles in them when they arrive in the next couple weeks or so. It's a bit sad with the apparent nature of pens being that some are bad in some way, and end up being use money lost - but 3 in a row seems a bit much even for low priced pens like these. Here's hoping for mine...
sooo tiny and small....
May 11, 2009
sooo tiny and small. perfect for jotting down short msgs/notes into your moleskine. due to it's size, it's not comfy for writing for long periods so keep that in mind. it is perfect for me for moleskine entries.
January 3, 2009

I have bought three pens from the Hi-Tec-C series and recently got this pen in the mail. ALL THREE pens have had air bubbles in the ink, making them stop working before all of the ink is used up. At first I thought it was just the one pen, so I tried again, but the other two times I tried them, there was an air bubble!

First of all I can't believe pilot would send these out, or that JetPens would sell these with obvious air bubbles in them!

Sincerely, Disappointed
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