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I really like it, fine...
August 27, 2013
I really like it, fine point and smooth.
Using with 'Tombow Zoom 414' perfect match!

But the big problem is
I don't know why all of these refills I brought
alway stuck after writing for a while.
All 5 refills I brought both black and red got the same problem.
Any of you got the same problem?

I don't know it's because of a paper I use
(I'm mostly using these with MUJI notebook )
or something wrong with the tip.

I like it but I really don't want to wasted a money
on a refills that I can use only 1/4!

Now I'm finding a new refills (D1) for my pen!
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Just horrible. I LOVE...
April 3, 2013
Verified Purchase
Just horrible. I LOVE super fine tip pens but this refill does not work. I got 8 of these and so far 4 dont work and when they do its a faded double point gray line.
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I judge my multipens...
February 13, 2011
Verified Purchase
I judge my multipens by whether or not they can fit this component. This is the best writing instrument. It isn't as smooth as a wider tip; however, the very slight scratchiness gives you greater control over each of your characters. The line is extremely fine and looks perfect.
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