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This shade of Iroshizuku...
April 5, 2012
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This shade of Iroshizuku is a beautiful shade of a dark blue with a very subtle, sophisticated touch of green. Works beautifully in my Lamy 2000. Solid and not too flashy, and it is suitable for formal business documents
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I am quite pleased with...
July 16, 2011
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I am quite pleased with this ink that I have been using in my Namiki Vanishing Point (a wonderful "daily driver" fountain pen, by the way) for nearly a year. It is a color and ink that somehow manages to be subtle, delicate and vibrant at the same time. Admittedly more expensive than any other ink I have bought or used, I have not regretted the purchase for a moment. I shall almost certainly be ordering more from jetpens.com when I run low.
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I'm not too familiar...
February 3, 2009
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I'm not too familiar with this brand of ink but I am very much impressed with this ink color. It's more of a lighter grey once it's all dried, with bluish tones but it's definitely a very nice shade! I love it.
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A great blend of black...
July 12, 2014
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A great blend of black and blue. I’m a use of many black inks, but I like to broaden my spectrum for other uses, such as correcting my story drafts. While this one necessarily isn’t blue, since it’s more of a light gray, there is some hint of blue there, and it’s a very pleasant and non-distracting color.

However, I unfortunately am not a fan of this line of Pilot’s inks as they tend to be too watery for my taste.
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This is a beautiful grey...
May 5, 2014
This is a beautiful grey color - one of my favorite inks.
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Very light blue grey,...
December 1, 2014
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Very light blue grey, I love the way these inks flow from my fountain pens. For the artists out there, this ink will run if you wet it even after it is dry.
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Pilot Iroshizuku inks...
July 24, 2015
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Pilot Iroshizuku inks are beautiful. Some of the shades such as this one can be a bit translucent but when written with a fine or extra fine nib, produce nicely on paper. This shade is a nice light blue/gray color. I have all the colors in this line. They are the inks I use most.
Another lovely member...
June 15, 2015
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Another lovely member of this great family of inks. Very nice shade of gray.
Nothing special, nice...
November 19, 2014
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Nothing special, nice bottle.
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