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January 26, 2012
Behaves beautifully in...
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Behaves beautifully in nib sizes ranging from B to OBBB. Runs a little darker in the narrower nib, fantastic shading the wider the nib. I was worried this color would be too light, but it's just barely dark enough for letters or journals. Flow is excellent. A very well-behaved ink. Haven't left it long term in a demonstrator or clear ink window to check for staining, but I'd rate this very close to the J. Herbin inks for maintenance and safety in high end pens.

I'm really enjoying this entire series of inks. Haven't found a bad one yet and I'm up to 8 different colors in this brand.

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Ghost Plane
January 20, 2012
Another winner in the...
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Another winner in the Iroshizuku line. I love this color so much. It's lighter than I usually go for, but it's such a happy color that I can't help but like it...and look for places where I can use it. I have 2 pens inked with it now. In my flex-nibbed gusher, this does show some feathering and bleedthrough on cheap paper. With my Maruman paper (also from Jet Pens) it is beyond incredible, just really new grass growing in the spring :) In my drier-nibbed pens, chiku-rin is as solid as any Iro ink, no feathering, no bleedthrough. This is just a joy to use.

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September 30, 2012
Outstanding ink! The...
Outstanding ink! The color is light but still very legible in the right application. The pigmentation is great considering the light nature of this color...

My favorite Iroshizuku is still Yama Budo (wild grapes) followed by tsukushi (horsetail brown).

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June 19, 2012
Hmmm... So much hype...
Hmmm... So much hype around the Iroshizuku inks. It is a pale and vibrant green, I can see why they named it after Bamboo - very apt. It's a little too light for my tast and having written a few pages of it in my work journal feel it is too pale. I considered making further investment into some blue ink to mix in, however have decided to stick with my Private Reserve avocado or spearmint which hostly suit my personal taste better. The colour is a lot more 'vibrant'. The flow from the Private Reserve I prefer. Better lubricity in my opition. I concede this may be the pen which is my Duofold with M nib. It's very personal thing I guess. Decided to sell my Chiku Rin on eBay. An expensive experiment.

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April 4, 2012
I'm not a hard-core ink/pen...
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I'm not a hard-core ink/pen expert and don't really know the difference between good or bad paper (disclaimer). I am underimpressed. The green is very light and I don't understand why this ink costs so much. It is nice, but I can't say I notice the difference compared to much cheaper inks.

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