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5 out of 5 people found the following review helpful
  I have 9 or more different..., April 9, 2010
I have 9 or more different shade of blue ink in my collection from J herbin to Diamine. So far, in my opinion, Kon Peki is one of the best blue that I ever use. I use this ink with my Tombow Carbon 101 Medium nib. Very smooth and bright but not too bright. It's really hard to explain, very pleasant to the eyes. Although Pilot Iroshizuku is one of the most expensive ink, it worth every penny. Recommended!
4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  I have a few of the Iroshizuku..., October 30, 2012
By yur...
I have a few of the Iroshizuku inks, and this is my absolute favorite. The shading on it is very nice. It ranges from a deep blue to a lighter azure, and reminds me of a tropical ocean.
4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  I've tried many different..., May 25, 2012
I've tried many different blues, J. Herbin Saphire and Periwinkle, Pilot's Blue, Parker Blue, and even Platinum Blue Black. This is by far the best ink I have ever used. It flows great, and the color is unbeatable. I need to use blue for office work, and this makes my writing so much more enjoyable. Highly recommended.
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  Used this ink in a Platinum..., January 16, 2013
Used this ink in a Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen - Medium 05 Nib - and I'd say they are a match made in heaven.

The blue itself is a very lovely color. I often get some places in my writing that are a lighter blue than others, which can become a very deep blue, and it gives the overall appearance a sort of watercolor feel. While I do say lighter blue, I do not mean anything unreadable, just slightly lighter, enough to give a nice depth to everyday writing.

I've never had an issue with the ink being slow to dry or drippy, seems to dry or soak into my page fairly quickly, little to no bleed (depending on the paper quality).

It's a beautiful every day blue, and while expensive, I highly recommend it. The bottle will last quite a while, so I see the investment being very justified.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  I love this ink. The..., October 4, 2012
By cas...
I love this ink. The colour makes me happy.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  Kon-peki is tied for..., January 20, 2012
Kon-peki is tied for my absolute favorite ink and has been for 2 years now. It will always be in my pen cabinet and in my fountain pens. It's beautiful, well-behaved. The best ink out there, in my opinion.
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  A lush color, this Pilot..., June 23, 2014
A lush color, this Pilot blue was amazing when it was released, and looked amazing on screen, but I admit it was a bit more difficult to use in person. I used as a reference a glass pen, as that’s what I used to test all my inks before I insert them into pens, and it was a bit too watery for me. It took a while to dry on the paper, and it tended to spill out of my writing.
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  I almost feel like a..., September 27, 2013
By pam...
I almost feel like a crazy person writing a review for INK -- but, I have to say, this is probably the best ink I have ever used in my entire life. I was a little uncertain about spending this much on pen ink (well, truthfully, not really), but decided to treat myself. Glad I did.

The ink is a beautiful, rich blue and works amazingly well in my Lamy and Mont Blanc. I happened to be using MB ink in my pen and this completely bests the MB ink. Whether on good stationary or regular white xerox paper, this ink makes all your notes look beautiful. A real joy to use, and I would imagine it would improve anyone's penmanship, as well as mood.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  The most gorgeous blue..., March 24, 2011
By yoo...
The most gorgeous blue I have ever seen and used. Please restock.
  Truly amazing ink. It's..., December 14, 2013
By jds...
Truly amazing ink. It's rare to find such a vibrant ink that is also so well-behaved. Flows freely, doesn't seem to stain my demonstrator pen bodies, rinses with minimal effort. Similar to Sailor Sky-High blue, but slightly lighter with perhaps a tiny bit of green/turquoise.
  I only use Iroshizuku..., May 4, 2013
I only use Iroshizuku ink in my vintage pen collection. Whether writing equations (color coded, of course) or writing a note on 100% rag, one can not beat the beauty, intensity, and range of this collection of inks from Pilot. Jet Pens discount is also welcomed for those of us who keep 400mL of each color on hand. It's simply a great product at a great price. Fred Ebert
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  The color itself is fantastic,..., September 27, 2012
The color itself is fantastic, but the quality is so-so. It's very drippy, and takes a bit longer to dry than most of my other inks. The box and bottle themselves are quite the beauts, and I'm planning on using the bottle once it's empty.

Maybe it was the wide-nibbed pen I used, so I may try reusing the ink with a narrower flow.
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  What originally sucked..., January 10, 2011
What originally sucked me in to the Iroshizuku line was the fabulous design of the ink bottles. After doing some research, I decided to take the plunge and ordered Kon-peki. This blue is a wonderful, vivid cerulean blue that behaves marvelously in all my pens, from my fine nib Pilot M90 to my music nib Platinum 3776. It has a slight bit of shading in my wider nibs. I never imagined that I would pay so much for a bottle of ink, but this one has been worth every penny so far.