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One of the few inks in...
January 26, 2012
Verified Purchase
One of the few inks in this brand that I give 4 stars instead of 5. The ink goes on beautifully, but as it dries, the color becomes a little flat in shade. The other colors in this brand have had intense colors, but this is one of the few that I prefer from a relatively fine nib [OM] as opposed to my larger B or OBB nibs. Gorgeous while wet, but again, a tad pastel as it dries. Just dull enough that it may be work appropriate in some offices.

The behavior matches that of other shades in this brand. Nice flow, behaves well on a variety of papers. I'm using this in expensive pens and no staining or nib creep so far.

I'll buy more, I think, but not as quickly as the "purer" colors in the rest of the line.
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Ghost Plane
This ink is named after...
March 16, 2012
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This ink is named after the famous Heian era author, Murasaki Shikibu. The word 'murasaki' refers to a shade of purple, perhaps violet or wisteria. The ink certainly looks very different when wet, as the other reviewer noted. It is much darker, and dries to a slightly lighter shade, similar to J. Herbin's Violette Pensee. I like it.
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I've tried this in one...
October 12, 2014
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I've tried this in one of my go-to pens, a Pilot Custom Heritage 91 with a fine-medium nib. This ink is a bit more subdued than I had in mind when I got it, but it's a nice enough shade. Although the specs on this site say that it's not water resistant, I found it to be very water resistant indeed. That ups my rating to four stars, otherwise it would probably be three.
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Gift item, but as with...
July 21, 2016
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Gift item, but as with all Iroshizuku inks, the color is stunning and the bottle alone is a work of art.
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