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  Being a fan of pretty..., May 27, 2013
By mis...
Being a fan of pretty colors, i went ahead and bought every single Juice pen in every color and tip size. Well YOU may learn from my impulsiveness... Juice pens are juuuuust barely worth the price point. The pretty colors are their only saving grace..hence four stars instead of three (but that was a tough decision, I really give a 3.5). Unfortunately, of all the 0.5mm, about 6 of the pens (including the lovely colors Aqua, Rose Pink, and Violet) started leaking and globbing after two days. I treat my pens with great care-even the cheapest ones! And I never tap, shake, or intentionally drop them... so I can't think of a reason they'd have started leaking. The only way to halt the leak is to store the pen tip-up...but I like to keep them in a cute little pen case or repurposed makeup bag, there's literally NO MORE room on my desk for all of my pens (I love u Jetpens!) So, buy Juice if you like the form factor of Zebra Sarasa Clip, because they're nearly identical and Juice has wayyyy more colors than Sarasa Clip, but the quality is less than Sarasa's (I believe another reviewer reccommends Sarasa Clip over Juice, and I have to agree....but as long as we're comparing, Uni UM-151 just slays any Pilot or Zebra gel pen I've ever tried!)
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  I like the colors. But..., October 12, 2013
By llm...
I like the colors. But one of these Juice pens leaked all over my pen case. Had to throw it out. BIG disappointment. Would NOT recommend.