Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen - Red - Fine Nib

Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen - Red - Fine Nib

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Your first encounter with a fountain pen is important. That's why Pilot designed the Kakuno pen, a simple fountain pen that is great for beginners. Thanks to its many features that help ease beginners into the world of fountain pens, kids and adults can experience the joy of writing with these delightful instruments. "Kakuno" means "to write" in Japanese, and that's just what this pen helps you do!

Features include the cute smiley face on the nib that always faces up when writing, ensuring correct nib orientation. The "Soft" color pens have a winking smiley face, while the other colors have a regular smiley face. Indentations in the cap make it easy to grasp when uncapping the pen. The cap and body are hexagonal, similar to the classic wooden pencil, so that the pen is comfortable to hold and doesn't roll away. The grip is made in a triangular shape so that fingers naturally sit in the correct position. Novices will soon be on their way to becoming seasoned fountain pen users!

One black ink cartridge is included. This pen is compatible with Pilot ink cartridges and converters, as listed under Recommended Refills/Parts.

This is the Fine Nib Red pen. Photos of a pen without its packaging feature the Medium Nib Light Green pen.

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I LOVE THIS PEN!! First...
March 12, 2014
Verified Purchase
I LOVE THIS PEN!! First off, I should note that I'm an adult, not a child. I love fountain pens. I have a Waterman Expert F, a Lamy Safari EF, A Kaweco Sport F, and a Pilot Metropolitan M. The Kakuno F nib is the best of the bunch. The wide grip of the Kakuno is far superior to the narrow, pinched grip of the Safari. The Safari has a great nib, but it never feels right in my hand. The Kakuno does. It caps and uncaps with a nice snap, and the nib is always smiling at you, which is a happy feature. There's good feedback from the nib, better than the medium nib Metropolitan, which feels smooth but somewhat mushy. The Kakuno nib makes a nice sound and lays down a sharp line. I'm using the included cartridge for now and it's a true black. The pen started writing right away. The Kakuno is seriously a joy to write with. I want another! It's probably great for kids, but adults, get yourself a cheap and cheerful pen that makes writing fun.
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This is an excellent...
March 29, 2014
Verified Purchase
This is an excellent fountain pen for just about anyone, whether you are a student, a fountain pen novice or just someone who wants an inexpensive workhorse fountain pen.

The nib is pretty much the same as on the much more expensive Pilot Prera, only with a very cute happy-face etching. I have two Preras and they write as well or better than any of my more expensive pens. Trying out the Kakuno felt very similar to writing with the Prera.

I really like the grip. It is triangulated, as is the Lamy Safari, but in a much more relaxed way. A grip can make or break a fountain pen since if you are not comfortable holding and writing with the pen you probably are not going to write much with it. The Kakuno really succeeds here.

The pen posts adequately and adds some heft to a fairly light pen (13 grams). However, you can easily write with it unposted since the body is fairly long. I do wish this came with a clip but maybe that wouldn't work well for school children? My suggestion would be to make an add on clip, just as Kaweco does for their Sport series.

I'd say for the price, you are not going to find a much better pen in this range. Adults may want to consider the Pilot Metropolitan and kids the Pelikan Pelikano Jr. as alternatives but the Kakuno is a big winner in my book.

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Great pen for my son...
January 5, 2015
Verified Purchase
Great pen for my son (his first fountain), but I like it so much I keep borrowing it! Good for writers with small, precise lettering. Maybe good for dramatic flourishes, too, but I wouldn't know. . .
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Write with a smile :...
November 17, 2015
Verified Purchase
Write with a smile :)
Weezy Faz
Awesome pen, does not...
November 9, 2015
Verified Purchase
Awesome pen, does not leak or break like other fountain pens I have had.