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So I've noticed that...
March 24, 2011
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So I've noticed that the codes on the G2 0.38s and G-Knock 0.38 inks are the same, so I thought I'd be a crafty ninja and order refills for the G-Knock for my beloved G-2s. Well, they arrive with typical JetPens lightning speed and I pop one into my empty barrel aaaand...crap! It's kinda scratchy and skips and not at ALL what I'm used to. So I pull it out to check the codes...yep, it's the same ink refills, but its 3 YEARS OLD!

*Sigh*...not cool, JetPens...not cool. I thought we had a good thing goin' on here? What gives? I know things are tough all over, man, but to do that to a friend? Hmmm...

Anyhooo, the whole reason I was looking to buy refills was to cut down on waste and garbage in the landfills. So now I have to try and decide if the extra postage and shipping carbon footprint is worth it to return these muthas.

Oh well...
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These are the ONLY pens...
January 28, 2016
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These are the ONLY pens I use!!! I mean it. I'm seriously OCD...I'm a left handed person so not all pens agree with me and it's been REALLY hard to find pens that I like that work and that I can easily write with. THIS IS THE PEN! I buy these in bulk...LOVE THEM!
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