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Pilot LHSRF-8C Gel Ink Pen Refill - 0.4 mm - Black

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Pilot LHSRF-8C Gel Ink Pen Refill - 0.4 mm - Black - PILOT LHSRF-8C4-B
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Be eco-friendly and save money with this 0.4 mm black refill for the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Slim Knock Gel pen. Black, blue, and red refills are available.


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Total Price: $4.65
This item: Pilot LHSRF-8C Gel Ink Pen Refill - 0.4 mm - Black - $1.35

Model NumberPILOT LHSRF-8C4-B
Weight0.1 ounces
Diameter - Max 5 mm
Ink Color Black
Quantity in Pack 1
Size - Length 8.8 cm
Tip Size 0.4 mm
Tip Type Needle Point


November 10, 2014
Absolutely love the pilot...
Verified Purchase
Absolutely love the pilot knock! Have had comments from lots of people at work who have grabbed it and given it a try. Hard to keep my eye on them all the time! Some have disappeared. When the ink runs out- I find out where the pens have gone. Small price to pay for such a great little pen.

May 13, 2014
I used it in the Uni...
Verified Purchase
I used it in the Uni Ball Signo DX & don't even need scotch tap. Once you measure & chop a piece of the orig. refill in the right size, you just place a slim knock refill on top of it, use a spring to hold it in place & it's as good as if it were made that way. Hope this suggestion helps some that like this refill like myself but don't like to use a microscopic pen.

November 15, 2013
Yeah, I hack it into...
Verified Purchase
Yeah, I hack it into other pens too. For some reason, it's better than the traditional hi-tec C but too small/short so I just get some scotch tape, extend the refills and put them into just about any other pen (I've done Pilot G6s, Bic Velocity, etc.) You learn to use your ingenuity.

February 2, 2012
Hacked it successfully...
Verified Purchase
Hacked it successfully into a Fisher Space Pen (the Astronaut variety with a clicker, although refill-wise it doesn't matter). It's a couple of millimeters too short, though, but it doesn't affect writing per se but it's hard to see the tip on paper. Truth be told, I bought this refill in attempts to hack it inside the Coleto multi-pen (due to it being considerably cheaper but virtually identical), but it wasn't possible easily enough. Writing quality and emptying speed are practically the same also.

October 23, 2010
Just can't get the ink...
Verified Purchase
Just can't get the ink to write smoothly from the LHSRF-8C. I'm on my second refill and I'm having the same issue as with the first, patchy, intermittent ink flow.