Pilot Latte Gel Ink Pen - 0.5 mm - Pastel Color Series - 10 Color Set

Pilot Latte Gel Ink Pen - 0.5 mm - Pastel Color Series - 10 Color Set

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Quench your creative thirst with a Latte pen from Pilot! They're better than a Soy Latte from Starbucks.

These colorful gel pens can write on a variety of surfaces, including plastic, and are great for crafts and other fun projects! Colors come out very vibrantly. They even write on dark paper!

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I was expecting something...
January 29, 2012
Verified Purchase
I was expecting something similar to Sakura Glaze pens, but these are different. The colors are brighter than you'd think, too.
I tried writing on different materials: YES, I really did test every claim. They write on regular notebook paper, glossy magazine covers,patent leather, vinyl, wood, coated and uncoated cardboard, plastic ( the case the pens came in, for ex.) enamel-coated metal, glass, Pyrex, and stainless steel.
They write on shiny metal and plastic but some of the shiniest, smoothest surfaces will cause the ink to bead up via surface tension. When other reviewers complained of these "not working," they probably were experiencing the same problem as I did when some pens simply refused to put ANY ink out. All you have to do is draw straight lines quickly on an absorbent surface, like regular notebook paper, a paper towel or a scrap of fabric to get the ink flowing again. Just one or two quick swipes is all it takes. They really DO write on almost everything!
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All the Latte Gel Ink...
November 9, 2008
Verified Purchase
All the Latte Gel Ink Pens are beautiful colors and write well. I haven't tried drawing on every surface yet, but I can tell you so far mine has drawn on any plastic surface - even my blow dryer :)
I got my friends to use...
October 12, 2008
Verified Purchase
I got my friends to use them to mark the cups and glasses at a party =D It was just great!! I've also made some real nice Bday cards and decorations with these, I love them.
So much for the purple...
September 27, 2008
So much for the purple one being my favorite. It must have been coming out the easiest with that smooth line due to some kind of leak. I just found it now, exploded in it's casing, some of the ink still inside the tube, alot of it in the cap, and most of it swimming around the inside of the barrel. Disappointing and now I expect the rest to follow.
I bought these pens from...
September 26, 2008
I bought these pens from another store but I'm not sure which color set I have but I have to say they're just okay and I'm quite disapointed. I read other reviews on here that they can write on ANY surface (which sounded very exciting and made me want them even more) and I have yet to experience it.

Kyo_Love_Me must have a matte-finish cell phone, these would not write on mine, but they did on a relative's Motorola Razr. As she also stated, they wrote on her mirrors, not on any in my house. :-/
Betty must have had an extensive array of material samples to write on at the store she tried these out on. So far, they don't work on the glass surfaces I've tried at my house. They only work on certain plastics. I tried writing on a food container with the purple color, which has so far been the smoothest, thickest line (on paper) and darkest ink, but it comes out very, very thin like trying to write on plastic with regular liquid ink pens.

The example picture on here of a staff member that drew on a Jet Pens card looks very nice. The ink looks thick/wide and the colors look very vibrant. When I wrote with each color on notebook paper, most of the colors look dull and washed out. Like how Sakura Gelly Roll pens start to look when they're dying and the line is very skinny. The hardest to read on the paper are the two blues and green, and of course yellow but that's obvious. The white pen hasn't shown up on any colored surface yet so I probably won't be using that one for anything. I haven't dug out my black notebook paper for regular gel pens yet to try them.

I am very creative and wanted to use these ALL OVER everything but unfortunately, Betty, looks like I will be wasting these on plain old note taking in class.