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January 20, 2014
I absolutely love Pilot...
I absolutely love Pilot Metropolitans. You can call them an entry level pen all you want, this fountain pen is AWESOME and for fifteen bucks, frankly, a steal.

Taupe (like a bronze, or even gun-metal with gold mixed in) is a very elegant color and way less boring than black (don't get me wrong, I also like black, but everybody offers black).

But my favorite part is that I can just grab a Pilot Plumix or Pilot Penmenship, swap nibs and turn this into an italic or EF nib pen (and, if you take the Metro nib and put it back on the donor pen, you now have TWO pens).

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January 21, 2015
I am thrilled with this...
Verified Purchase
I am thrilled with this purchase! I bought it in both the fine and medium nib, but I tend to gravitate towards the fine more often than not. I use it everyday for as many things as will allow me. I highly recommend these folks as the place to find all your fine writing instruments.

San Diego

December 4, 2014
This pen took some work...
Verified Purchase
This pen took some work to love, but now that the nib has loosened up and I figured out to fill the converter with an eyedropper rather than using it as instructed (to draw ink through the pen nib), it writes well for a decent amount of time. I have not tried it with cartridges, but I assume it would be just as good! I only wish it took a universal cartridge.

November 15, 2014
My favorite pen in my...
Verified Purchase
My favorite pen in my collection. It's got a nice weight for writing, and puts down a consistent line. I've used several different inks, and have had great results with every one.

October 12, 2014
Looks, feels and writes...
Verified Purchase
Looks, feels and writes like a high end pen at a fraction of the cost. I've always liked Pilot Pens, so I wasn't surprised by the quality and performance of the Metropolitan. What I was surprised by is just how good it looks and how good it writes at this price point. I've been using Lamy Safaris for years, and I still love 'em, but this is my new go to pen.

June 26, 2014
I bought both the Metropolitan...
Verified Purchase
I bought both the Metropolitan and the penmanship intending on swapping the nibs. After trying both the medium nib and the extra fine in the penmanship I'm not going to change them. The Metropolitan is great the way it is. The medium nib is very smooth and not too wide. Waterman Serenity blue was the first ink in the Metro and currently a Pilot black cartridge is in it. Both have been very smooth with no skipping or false starts. I have tested both inks on a cheap Mead lined writing pad with no bleed through and very little shadowing from either. The metropolitan is so nice that my next pen will be a fine point metro just because I'm so pleased with this one.