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December 14, 2014
This is a beautiful,...
Verified Purchase
This is a beautiful, classy pen that's super fun to write with. Incredibly smooth, never clogs, and feels nice and weighty without being cumbersome. Plus I get a lot of compliments on it when people notice me writing in public!

December 4, 2014
I absolutely love this...
Verified Purchase
I absolutely love this fountain pen! Not only is it gorgeous with the pearly white body and the subtle tiger addition but it writes beautifully. The ink flow is smooth, the pen has a nice weight to it and it isn't so bulky that I can't take it with me in my purse. Now the only problem I have is deciding not to purchase another one in a different color!

October 27, 2014
Best $15 fountain pen...
Verified Purchase
Best $15 fountain pen ever manufactured. Writes as well as my $100 plus fountain pens. Flow is great. Nib makes smooth consistant lines. Write do not scratch. Great for newbies and an excellent everyday pen for all.

April 2, 2014
Awesome pen! I was so...
Verified Purchase
Awesome pen! I was so pleased with my earlier purchase of the silver zig zag version that I looked into the newest release of animal themed metropolitans, knowing that my chances of being disappointed were very low. I was correct! The body of this pen is a smooth and shiny pearlized finish with simple tiger markings near the nib, rather than the traditional matte finish which is a nice change. The included converter allowed me to use bottled ink right away. Best of all, the tip never clogs and ink does not appear to evaporate when capped. I am so pleased with this pen and am happy that this pen allowed me to enter and see the wonders of the fountain pen world.

I also purchased the black crocodile version for my brother and he loves it! The crocodile design is slightly raised and textured unlike this one. It is not very noticeable when in use, but is a very cool addition to the overall design.

March 30, 2014
LOOKS: I have to admit,...
Verified Purchase
I have to admit, I was nervous about the color. I'm not a person who likes flashy accessories, nor do I normally go for animal print anything. But I like white, which convinced me to buy this, tiger trim and all. I am pleased to report that this is a gorgeous pen, actually quite understated in its simplicity. The body is a pearly white that looks very nice with the silver clip. The tiger stripes are a nice, quiet gray that provided a needed point of interest for the pen. When posted, the black trim provides a nice contrast with the white.

The Metro has a solid weight to it, and feels very comfortable in my small hands. There is a bit of a ridge right where you grip the pen, but it's not uncomfortable at all. The nib is extremely smooth. I don't know if it's just the ink (Diamine Red Dragon), but this pen glides across paper like a jetliner. Even the roughest cardstock I own is smooth. Absolutely amazing experience.

I was also worried about the converter, but am pleased to say it works perfectly well with no leaks. I still prefer the Con-50 despite it's lower ink capacity, because I have no idea how much ink I pulled up, nor when I will run out. But if refilling often is no real issue, the default converter will serve you just fine. And really, it's amazing they've included one at all at this price point.

I first bought the Pilot Penmanship (clear) and the Pilot Plumix (blue) before I bought this pen. I was hesitant to pay $15 for an untested hobby. Happily, my experience with the first two pens convinced me to try out the Metro as well (as a student, I like multicolored notes, so I will use all three to highlight.)

The Penmanship feels really light in my hand after the Metro. It's triangular grip is marginally more comfortable, but the Metro is better feeling overall. The Metro's medium nib lays down a line nearly twice as thick as the Penmanship's extra fine, and is overall a wetter writer. The Penmanship is scratchier in sound. The medium nib of the Metro is better suited to colored inks, in my opinion, as it shows their colors more truly. The extra fine looks amazingly sharp in black.

The Plumix's body is much the same story. The italic nib it comes with writes even wetter than the metro, and adds a nice flair to print writing. It also looks excellent with colors, and tends to show more shading than the other two.

The nibs of these three pens are are interchangeable. I have small handwriting, so I intend to put the Penmanship's extra-fine nib in my Metropolitan. Overall, I'm happy that I have all three, but if I had to pick just one, I'd get the Metropolitan. The medium nib shows off the ink the most consistently, and the quality of the barrel is just night and day compared to the other two.

If you like white, you can't go wrong with the color. The pen underneath is solid and writes like a chorus of angels. At this price, it's not the end of the world if you lose it, but it's also amazing quality. I'd buy another in a heartbeat, if only to put the other nibs in so all my pens are as classy as this one.

January 7, 2014
After several weeks of...
Verified Purchase
After several weeks of using this Pilot Metropolitan with waterproof Platinum Carbon ink, I am amazed that it has never clogged. The ink flows beautifully even after several days of being idle, and it always writes and draws beautifully from the first stroke. The price belies the high quality of both the nib and the body. I especially like its satin finish. To read the full review of this pen on my blog, please search for "fueled by clouds and coffee blog pilot metropolitan."